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  • 西湖療癒里根場 門票

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  • 你的遊覽團出發地點:
  • 1
    Mount Fuji
    景點逗留時間:10 小時
  • 2
    Mt. Fuji 5th Station
    逗留時長: 30 分鐘 - 不包含門票費用
  • 3
    Lake Kawaguchiko
    逗留時長: 60 分鐘 - 不包含門票費用
  • 4
    Lake Ashinoko
    逗留時長: 60 分鐘 - 不包含門票費用
  • 5
    Oshino Hakkai
    逗留時長: 60 分鐘
  • 6
    Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Jinja Shrine
    逗留時長: 60 分鐘
  • 7
    Arakurayama Sengen Park
    逗留時長: 60 分鐘
  • 8
    Saiko Iyashi no Sato Nemba
    逗留時長: 60 分鐘 - 不包含門票費用
  • 你將會返回至出發地點

85 則評論

Thanks to our thoughtful and friendly guide, Zohaib, our family of 9 managed to spend a wonderful day at around the Mt. Fuji area soaking up the best sights.

The tour was well planned and Zohaib even considered the weather forecast when sequencing the day’s itinerary and exercised a high degree of flexibility as well.

We had a great time and I would recommend this tour to anyone who had limited time and wishes to maximise your day at the Mt. Fuji area.
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

Irina S
以色列特拉維夫2 則投稿

We took the tour to mount fuji, which was fanstastic. Our guide Zohaib was informative and very attentive to our requests. It was important to him to make our kids happy.
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

Jo M
2 則投稿
2022年11月 • 好友旅行
It was a fantastic day ! Would recommend ! Our guide Haseeb was really great and nice, took his time to explain to us a lot.
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

Rino W
3 則投稿
We were glad we got Johny, a friendly guide and excellent driver during our trip.
He brought us to various spots near Mt Fuji with a stunning view for us to enjoy or take a photo. To make it even better, he brought us to local public onsen that provide private room with Mt Fuji View in the end of our tour. It was amazing experience.
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

Peter K
澳洲彭里斯2 則投稿
2022年11月 • 家庭式
This was an amazing experience. Our guide, Rehan, picked us up from our hotel and was ready 10 minutes early. We started off with a rainy day so visibility from the Mt Fuji stations was poor in the morning. He happily shifted around our sightseeing locations so that we could enjoy Lake Kawaguchi first while we waited for the clouds to lift. We ended up with a great view of Mt Fuji from the lake and later went up the mountain to the various stations.

Rehan is extremely knowledgeable of the culture, knowing vast amounts about the Shinto shrines on our tour and the deep symbolism throughout. He is great with children. He made the tour interesting for my 8 and 10 year old and made them feel special. He's also an excellent driver.

I ended up with hundreds of fantastic photos and memories that I'll cherish forever.

I highly recommend this tour to all.
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

Joshua H
1 則投稿
2022年11月 • 好友旅行
The local culture and surrounds was an eye-opening experience. The weather was wet but the tour guide found value in other aspects of the trip.
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

新加坡2 則投稿
Our guide Shoaib was in our hotel at the appointed time, he gave us a brief description of the tour, what is included and what are our options. Our group of six has one elderly and a 5 year old kid. We chose the light snd easy option, no need to rush but enjoy each place we chose to go to. Shoaib was very accommodating and he made sure we catch the ferry that goes around the lake, that we don’t waste time waiting for lunch at restaurant and that we are able to catch the great sight of Mt Fuji just before sunset. Overall trip was well worth it, we will surely take another trip like this next time we are in Japan!
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

Srini M
2 則投稿
2022年11月 • 夫妻情侶
This is a fantastic tour and our driver Rehan was excellent. He treated us like family and took us to every location safely and accommodating our vegetarian diet. He explained history and details behind each attraction. I will recommend Rehan as the driver to anyone. Very safe and caring person. Thank you Rehan
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

2 則投稿
2022年11月 • 家庭式
We had a fantastic day with our guide and driver, Rehan Ghazi, visiting Mt. Fuji and surrounding areas on Saturday, November 19. Our driver was very punctual and arrived to our hotel lobby 20 min prior to the scheduled time. The car was sparkling clean, there were snacks and water provided for our journey.
A word of advice: if you travel to Mt. Fuji on weekend, if possible, leave as early as you can, because the traffic around Tokyo becomes very congested. Please remember, that on weekends you will be waiting in the long queues to get on the ropeway and the boat ride on the lake - and there are no express lines ;). The entry fee to the mr Fuji is not included in cost of the tour and is 2100 ¥ per car , the ropeway and boat ride is 1600 ¥ per person.
We felt very safe with Rehan: he is a very safe and cautious driver and knows his route very well. He was able to recommend the best plan to utilize the most daylight and visit as many picturesque areas around mt. Fuji and speaks very good English.
Rehan was knowledgeable about the areas we visited, made good recommendations for photo spots and actually took some of the best family photos of visit for us!
Rehan, when asked, shared his observations about living in Japan, cultural and social customs, historical events, and if you would need a recommendation for a good Pakistani food in Tokyo - he could make wonderful suggestions for that :)
We would definitely plan to come back, hire this company again for transportation, visit on weekday and possibly try to climb the mt. Fuji all the way to the top ;)
Thank you, Rehan, for being a part of our unforgettable first visit to Japan.
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

William B
Berkeley, California112 則投稿
Most attentive tour guide ever! Rehan treated us like treasured relatives continuously watching out for us on stairs, uneven sidewalks, etc., and making sure that we were very comfortable and well fed. He made sure we saw subtle details throughout the trip. He is an excellent and very patient driver in a very comfortable car. He is also an excellent and prolific photographer, by the end of the day he had taken more photos than we even had for our wedding (many years ago). We appreciated the hotel pick-up and private tour over the large group bus trips and think the added expense was well worth while. Certainly the traffic on the return trip was annoying (we napped) compared to taking the train back, but the personal care was well worth it.
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

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