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0-99 歲,每團最多 12 人
所需時間: 1小時 30 分鐘
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  • Over The Top - The Helicopter Company, The Blue Hanger 10 Tex Smith Lane, Queenstown Airport, Queenstown 9371, New Zealand
    在機場迴旋處,按照指示前往 Remarkables Park 購物中心 Tex Smith Lane 位於 The Landing 零售商店的入口處(新世界超市對面)前往 Tex Smith Lane 的盡頭。我們是右手邊的藍衣架。

    • 不設無障礙設施
    • 嬰兒必須由成人手抱
    如果您有交通方面的疑問,我們非常樂意為您提供協助。 只要撥打下方電話號碼,然後提供產品代碼即可:7500P2

    • 定價基於每人或每架直升機一次
    • 受天氣條件限制。如果因惡劣天氣而取消,您可以選擇其他日期或全額退款
    • 最低乘客數量適用於共享航班
    • 如果沒有足夠的乘客滿足共享航班的要求,可能會在確認後取消。如果發生這種情況,您將獲得替代或全額退款
    • 建議穿著舒適的鞋子,因為您將在不平坦的地形中行走
    • 建議您攜帶或穿著保暖層
    • 酒店將在您預訂的前一天或當天聯繫您,以便根據天氣情況確認
    • 大多數旅客均可參加
    • 此項體驗必須在天氣良好的情況下進行。 如果體驗因天氣惡劣而被取消,您可更改預訂日期,或收取全額退款
    • 此項體驗有最低旅客人數限制。 如果體驗因未達最低人數要求而被取消,您可更改預訂日期/改為預訂另一項體驗,或收取全額退款
    • 此遊覽團/活動的旅客人數上限為 12 人

    • 如欲全額退款,請提前於體驗開始日期的至少 24 小時前作出取消。

    米爾福德峽灣和冰川直升機之旅包括皇后鎮登陸價格 HK$6,954.72 起。 在 Tripadvisor 探索和預訂米爾福德峽灣和冰川直升機之旅包括皇后鎮登陸
    米爾福德峽灣和冰川直升機之旅包括皇后鎮登陸是由 Over The Top - The Helicopter Company 負責提供服務 在 Tripadvisor 閱讀評論、探索其他體驗或聯絡 Over The Top - The Helicopter Company在 Tripadvisor 探索和預訂米爾福德峽灣和冰川直升機之旅包括皇后鎮登陸
    平均而言,此體驗所需時間約為 1小時 30 分鐘。 在 Tripadvisor 探索和預訂米爾福德峽灣和冰川直升機之旅包括皇后鎮登陸

    如果您對此遊覽有任何疑問,或需要協助預訂,我們非常樂意為您提供協助。 只要撥打下方電話號碼,然後提供產品代碼即可:7500P2



    5.0/5 分34 則評論

    Dean R
    澳洲梅恩海灘15 則投稿
    5.0/5 分
    Davey (our pilot) was I credibly knowledgeable and friendly whilst also making us feel safe and explaining how the pilots use their experience and knowledge of the area to ensure all flights are as smooth as possible and always with safety at the top of the agenda. It was a great trip and we even got to play a bit of impromptu golf off the top of one landing spots . Would not hesitate to recommend this trip and company.
    這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

    Lee I
    2 則投稿
    5.0/5 分
    2024年2月 • 家庭式
    AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING trip!!! One of the best things I have ever done. Did it as a family of 4 - views were absolutely incredible and managed to stop at the top of one of the mountains and throw some snowballs. The pilot (Choppy) was great, so good with the kids - even gave them free peanut butter sandwichs!
    這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。
    WOW - That is such a nice review, thank you so much for choosing to fly with us. We'll pass on your kind words to Choppy!
    這則回應是管理階層代表的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。

    Gerrit K
    1 則投稿
    5.0/5 分
    2024年2月 • 夫妻情侶
    Our scheduled Milford Sound landing was cancelled because of weather there. Instead we landed at a glacial lake and on a beach, where we sipped champagne. We think this was a better trip than the boat cruise would have been.
    這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。
    That is wonderful to hear, while Milford Sound is spectacular, we have many other lesser known locations we fly guests to - we think you got a great taste of this. Thanks so much for coming to fly with us.
    這則回應是管理階層代表的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。

    Isabel C
    俄亥俄州哥倫布市25 則投稿
    5.0/5 分
    2024年1月 • 夫妻情侶
    We did this helicopter tour as part of our honeymoon and it will go down as one of my most memorable travel experiences! Our pilot, Davy, is from a family that has been in the area for generations and I was pleasantly surprised by how much commentary he was able to offer about the history and landscape of the area. The views are actually remarkable! We had a travel agent book the experience so didn't know we'd be making landings until we were on the tour. I highly recommend it so you can get some fresh air and take in the locations from the ground also. This was an all around great way to see places that typically require a day trip or significant hiking.
    這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。
    We love hearing of happy client experiences, lovely to hear we were able to provide you such a memorable trip. We'd warmly welcome you, your family and friends to come out on some of our other Helicopter Experiences.
    這則回應是管理階層代表的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。

    1 則投稿
    5.0/5 分
    2023年12月 • 家庭式
    We had a fantastic flight with Phil and Over the Top. Phil was top notch in not only in his piloting skills but also in his tour and pointing out all the amazing features of the landscape. We made two landings and enjoyed both equally - somehow with staggeringly different verandas in only a matter of 20 minutes.

    We will certainly do another tour next time we're back!
    這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。
    Thank you so much for such fantastic feedback, we love hearing happy clients and will be sure to pass on the positive feedback to Phil. We look forward to seeing you back for one of our different Helicopter Experiences.
    這則回應是管理階層代表的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。

    Bec McNeill
    澳洲The Pilbara114 則投稿
    5.0/5 分
    2023年9月 • 家庭式
    Awesome awesome awesome. Big highlight of our NZ trip was the glacier and Milford Sound tour. Renee was a great tour guide. Awesome day out
    這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

    Kevin M
    1 則投稿
    5.0/5 分
    2023年8月 • 家庭式
    What a bucket list activity to fly over the glaciers, land on the mountain and land on the beach outside Milford Sound. Choppy was an amazing pilot and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend it!
    這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

    jay l
    5 則投稿
    5.0/5 分
    2023年7月 • 家庭式
    Ben was the pilot and he gave us over the top experience. Very attentive and informative with great attention to our safety
    這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。
    Thank you for such wonderful feedback, we are very happy to hear you had a great time with us. I have passed your compliments onto Ben for you, I'm sure he will very much appreciate your kind words.
    這則回應是管理階層代表的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。

    4 則投稿
    5.0/5 分
    2023年3月 • 夫妻情侶
    Great experience and awesome sights. This is easily the best way to view the scenery around Queenstown. Felt very safe and enjoyed the whole experience.
    這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

    Michele R
    德克薩斯州奧斯汀7 則投稿
    5.0/5 分
    Our flight with Over The Top was the highlight of our trip! Dave, our pilot, was so informative in explaining what we were seeing and made our experience of seeing Milford Sound from the air and then landing on a glacier just spectacular! I would do this again - so worth it!
    這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

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