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0-60 歲,每團最多 55 人
15 小時
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  • Bally’s & Paris Monorail Station, 3645 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA 早上 4:30 前往拉斯維加斯 Bally's 酒店的巴士和穿梭巴士區 司機不要等待超過 5 分鐘。 下車必須在同一個地方取貨。 羚羊峽谷的入場費為 40.00 美元 - 60.00 美元
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  • 此遊覽團/活動的旅客人數上限為 55 人

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平均而言,此體驗所需時間約為 15 小時。 在 Tripadvisor 探索和預訂羚羊峽谷和馬蹄灣

如果您對此遊覽有任何疑問,或需要協助預訂,我們非常樂意為您提供協助。 只要撥打下方電話號碼,然後提供產品代碼即可:130144P1

  • 你的遊覽團出發地點:
    Bally’s & Paris Monorail Station
    3645 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
    早上 4:30 前往拉斯維加斯 Bally's 酒店的巴士和穿梭巴士區 司機不要等待超過 5 分鐘。 下車必須在同一個地方取貨。 羚羊峽谷的入場費為 40.00 美元 - 60.00 美元
  • 1
    Horseshoe Bend
    逗留時長: 60 分鐘 - 不包含門票費用
  • 2
    Antelope Canyon
    逗留時長: 90 分鐘 - 不包含門票費用
  • 3
    Glen Canyon Dam Overlook
    逗留時長: 20 分鐘
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50 則評論

Jorge V
2 則投稿
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侶
This tour was a fantastic ! I can't say I had a favorite part because the entire tour was great. The scenery was beautiful and so the long trip is worth it. The guide, Danny, was also fantastic, he was very sociable, knowledgeable, and fun! I would schedule another tour with pearl tours if I could, they were very punctual and I had no inconveniences.
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

George K
加利福尼亞山景14 則投稿
Antelope Canyon was an out of the world experience and worth the long drive from Las Vegas and back in 15 hours. Danny, the driver, broke up the drive with well timed restroom breaks and he made the long drive as bearable as possible. He also had plenty of water and a box of snacks for each passenger. Jordan, the Navajo guide at the canyon was outstanding as he explained the mysteries of the colors and geologic formations of the the place.

The demerits of this tour are as follows: (1) Our tour confirmation instructed that we were to be at the pickup point 15 minutes before 5 AM. After wandering around Harrah's/Linq and seeing no one, we received a text message that we would be pickup at our hotel. Fortunately, we kept our car and were able to go back and wait for the driver, who came around 5:30 PM. (2) We were a total of 7 passengers squeezed into a SUV which meant 3 of us had to crawl over the second row seat to get into the third row of seats with barely room for three average sized bodies. The choice of vehicle added greatly to the discomfort of the excursion.

Being seniors, my wife and I were slow walkers and could not have walked down the viewpoints of the Horseshoe Bend within the allotted time.
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。
If a Luxury SUV (Lincoln Navigator 2021) is a small car, what is big enough for you?
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Daisy O
2 則投稿
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侶
Amazing experienced with an amazing tour guide named Paula. She’s on time, very knowlegeable with the places .hard working and so patient and professional. She did an extra mile. Highly recommended! Kudos to West Pearl Tours for a job well done!
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

Angelica V
佛羅里達州邁阿密2 則投稿
This tour exceeded my expectations! I was extremely hesitant when booking because at the time of purchase, Antelope Canyon was closed due to COVID. However by the miracle from above, it was scheduled to open exactly a week from the date of my tour! Communicating with the tour operator was extremely simple, and they were very responsive and helpful with my questions prior to the tour. They communicated via text confirming the time of pickup (which was conveniently at our hotel), whereas other operators require you to meet a certain location.

The tour host, Marvin, was GREAT! He was informative, friendly, caring, and an overall great person. He was very knowledgable and knew many fun facts about not only the destinations, but the places we passed along the way as well. He also didn't make me feel rushed.

The tour at Antelope Canyon itself was indescribable. The canyon was beautiful, our Navajo tour guide was extremely sweet, and it was SO empty (in a good way). Based on reviews I had previously read, I feared that I would have no time for pictures and a crowded background for the pictures I'd be lucky enough to get. However, this was not the case. The tour guide, Micah, actually gave us tips to take photos on our phones, offered to take pictures for us, and even let us take our masks off for photos.

The group was small (only 7 guests including me), and additional stops included Horseshoe Bend and 2 more stops I will not name for an element of surprise :)
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

Marisela Wever
庫拉索威廉斯塔德6 則投稿
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侶
My husband and I did the private Lower Antelope Canyon tour together with the Horseshoe Bend with the driver Jimmy Vegas
He was excellent and went out of his way to show us everything! He gave a lots of tips
I would totally recommend him
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

Iran Campos
巴西Londrina1 則投稿
2019年3月 • 家庭式
Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend is WONDERFUL, GORGEOUS... AMAZING.... Denny was a terrific driver/guide.
Super knowledgeable and accommodating.

Absolutely the BEST guide ever for Antelope Canyon. He was extremely helpful to all the guests, took great photos, explained everything, never rushed anyone, was watchful for any issues with group members, knew exactly how to set everyone's camera and phone for the best shots ever. Extremely informative and entertaining.
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

Johann Diego
巴西Londrina4 則投稿
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侶
We did the Antelope Canyon tour with Denny. 2 couple were the only people on the tour. First observations were that the truck was really comfy, air con, not too loud- perfect for travelling long distance.

Now the tour itself... Amazing. We did the prime time 11am tour. but in my opinion totally worth it for what you get. Much more sun rays. Wonderful!!!

We managed a few comfort stops along the way including a stop at Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, a town on Arizona(really cool little place).

Words can't actually describe the Antelope compared to the other canyons it appears much more broad and somehow appears much more beautiful. It's really hard to take it all in but Denny wonderful. Antelope is fantastic too, definitely recommended.

Our tour guide Denny really made the day. Loads of knowledge about the canyon, everything inside of the canyon and everything between the canyon and Vegas. Fantastic photographer, he insisted on taking our cameras off us so he could get photos at multiple points, we really appreciate that and we've got the tough task of choosing which ones to have framed. Can't wait to come back and get more!

Overall summary- a long day, but totally totally worth it. West Pearl were fantastic job.
Definitely looking forward to coming back and doing more trips with them.
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

1 則投稿
Booked with west pearl through our travel agent for the Antelope Canyon and were not disappointed. We were picked up on time from the Mirage by our driver and guide Denny, in a Black SUV! Denny made everybody feel very welcome on the car as there were 5 people, the vehicle itself seating 7 people but very spacious and comfortable.
We proceeded to the Antelope via UTAH which was our first stop where we had an opportunity to get out of the SUV and take photos. We then moved on toward the Canyon, Its further than we first thought from Vegas but Denny was very knowledgable of the areas we were travelling through which made the time pass quicker.
On arrival at the Canyon things were very well organised as there were many separate areas of the Canyon to visit which are accessed by guide. It only takes about 15 minutes to reach each point and when we got to the first, Horseshoe bend, it was simply amazing! the final point is Antelope Canyon, its very private, very quiet, and absolutely breathtaking!
From here we moved on to a Native American cty for lunch which was a pleasant surprise before heading back towards Vegas, stopping off at a huge DAM on the way.
Everything with the tour ran very smoothly, nothing was rushed and the price was reasonable. Our only advice is before the tour, wear good solid walking boots or trainers if you plan to walk to some of the higher points of the Canyon!!
Would we recommend West Pearl for this tour? 100% Yes!! And Thank u Denny!!! you are the Best!!!
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

Meo L
2 則投稿
I arrived at the pickup location at Sahara Hotel early in the morning. The driver was late and did not pick up any of my phone calls. After waiting an entire hour they called me to tell me the driver could not find me!! Not only that, they expressed their apology and agreed to let me rebook my tour. They stopped responding after that. All the money I paid went down the drain.
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。
WARNING This person is lying. We had more customers in the same day, in the same hotel. Driver waited 20min in front the entrance. This person didn't answer emails. Didn't answer calls. The hotel employee said only the customers picked was there. Probably the person who wrote this review, didn't wake on time and is lying. We will NEVER do it. We lost 20 min waiting and looking her. We have proof of our emails we sent. TripAdvisor already is taking care about it.
這則回應是管理階層代表的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。

Pamela R
墨西哥墨西哥城1 則投稿
Yo soy mexicana y algunas veces eh viajado sola y eh de confesar que estaba un poco desconfiada de que no fuera el que mencionaba, pero NO fue así mis dudas se disolvieron cuando me contactaron para el viaje.. El guía habla español e inglés y dio un extraordinario servicio del tour , te lleva a lugares mágicos del cañón, yo quería conocer esos dos lugares emblemáticos en el camino conocimos 2 más igual de hermosos, los recomiendo ampliamente hacer el viaje con ellos. Mis ojos no podían creer el increíble lugar que estaban viendo!!.
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。

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