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Mirella P
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2023年7月 • 夫妻情侶
L'isola con il suo particolare fascino con le caratteristiche case di legno da quelle più semplici a vere ville, la lunga passeggiata nel sentiero in mezzo agli alberi per arrivare alla spiaggia più ampia dove si pratica il kitesurfing, il pranzo nel caratteristico ristorante, l'atmosfera in generale. Consiglio vivamente di visitarla.
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2023年5月 • 好友旅行
- schon die Fahrt alleine lohnt sich
Sandham ist eine schöne Insel am Rande des Schärengarten
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瑞典索爾納1,382 則投稿
2022年8月 • 夫妻情侶
This island is in my opinion one of the two best Islands to visit in the archepelago and I recommend all visitors from abroad to go there.
But some things really had to be done about the toilet facilities in central Sandhamn (dirty and disgusting) and the ones at the lovely Trouville Beach that found me thinking about a trip to former Burma in the seventies but apart from that, go there.
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荷蘭Vlissingen7 則投稿
We hebben al heel veel van de wereld gezien, je heb een geweldige vakantie, een wow vakantie en een magische vakantie...en dat laatste was Sandhamn.....wat een geweldig eiland, de trip er naar toe, en dan blijven slapen, als de toeristen weg rust, de natuur, toch de gezelligheid....ben nu 3 dagen thuis...en het blijft in me hoofd zitten.
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英國約克10,061 則投稿
A lot of people visit on a day trip, but we stayed for 5 nights in July. About half the time the weather was sunny and good for the beach, and about half the time it was overcast and a bit cool for the beach. It didn't rain though.

We very much enjoyed our summer stay on this car-free island.

The settlement of Sandhamn is cute, with lots of island style red houses. The cutest buildings are probably those between the harbour and Kvarnberget (which is the rock on the north-west of the settlement, which is a popular sunset point).

What sets this island apart from the rest of the archipelago is the range of cafes, restaurants and other services. Most islands have few (if any). These line the harbour, the best of which is Vardhaus I think.

Vardhaus and Seglarhotell have kids menus, for those with kids, and kids will also enjoy the lunch time waffles at the Strindbergsgarden, the pastries at the bakery and of course the ice cream at the ice cream shop by the Strindbergsgarden or at the kiosk.

The bakery opens at 7am for those who want a coffee and pastry for breakfast.

There's a bike hire shop (300 krona per day for adults bikes (with or without a carriage attached for kids), 150 krona per day for a kids bike, though discounts are available for multi day hire). This shop also hires canoes. There's only really two routes that suitable for bikes on the island as the rest are footpaths which are too sandy and covered in tree roots etc - these suitable routes for bikes are from Sandhamn to Trouville, or from Sandhamn to the Vasterudden, but this will allow you to access the best beaches. Its all walkable though, so a bike is not necessary. We did it to transport our youngest kid and bags to the beach in the carriage. To do that, you could alternatively hire a trolley for 150 krona per day from the shop, but of course you need to pull its weight.

There's a small supermarket, which we relied on for our 5 day stay, and it just about did the job for that, but can get busy. There is no off-licence on the island, so your choices are to buy the beer up to 3.5% at the supermarket, order through system bolaget for collection at the supermarket (will take 4 days to arrive), or bring your own.

There's a couple of playgrounds - one obvious one next to the ice cream shop on the harbour, and one smaller one hidden away next to the school up the hill towards the church. Neither are too exciting, but do a job. There's also a rough football pitch and goals down in Trouville.

There is an outdoor pool at the Sea Club, but from my quick touch test it was unheated so I didn't find out how you might use it as I knew it wouldn't suit the kids. There's also a crazy golf and tennis courts and a windsurfing centre.

Finally, shops and services wise, there's a couple of clothes and book shops and the like. I think there may be a sauna, but I didn't really see much about it.

If you visit in summer, check out the information on the boards about what is on. This might include special events, or daily yoga sessions on the rock outside the church.

So anyway, you could visit and just spend your time at Sandhamn harbour, but the island rewards exploration. The main beaches are on the north side and the south side, and which is best on a day depends on the wind direction. That makes quite a difference to the experience, and the attractiveness of the water (e.g. still and inviting versus choppy), so when the north beach is calm the south beach will be rougher and vice versa.

The main north beach is Flaskberget on the edge of Sandhamn settlement. It is about a 5 minute walk from the harbour. It is relatively small, and has coarser sand than the southern beaches, but is attractive enough surrounded by trees, a large rock and views of red island buildings with small fish swimming about. If you don't fancy the sand you can sunbathe on the neighbouring rock. There is also a jetty, which some people were diving off. The water is pretty clear (if the wind is coming from the south, choppy if it is coming from the north). In terms of water temperature, its the Baltic so even in summer it isn't warm, but in July it was tolerable, just. 18 degrees I think. There is a flushing toilet with sink with running water here (if you think it odd I phrase it like that, that's because the toilets at the southern beaches are composting toilets).

Beyond Flaskberget there is another attractive beach but it isn't marked on island maps and awkward to reach as it is surrounded by private properties. I only reached it by going to Vasterudden and then tracking the coast line back east to it. It wasn't really clear whether or not you were permitted to do this. The adventurous could swim around from Flaskberget I suppose. You have to swim around four jetties but even so its probably not much more than a couple of hundred metres. It could also be accessed by canoe, I guess.

Vasterudden itself is the end of the road at this end of the island. There's a patch of rocky beach with sand patches, but its not that attractive as a beach, and whilst it is used as a westerly viewpoint the sunset views in July are marred by a tower/mast on the neighbouring island being in the way of the setting sun, meaning that I found Flaskberget and Kvanberget to be better sunset points at that time of year.

Moving to the south of the island (Trouville), the beaches are definitely better, but as I say wind direction is key in whether you are better off at the northern end or southern end of the island. The three best beaches are all clustered together, and are about a 20 minute walk from the harbour. There is a direct route on the gravel road through the pine forest (which is what you'd take if you cycle), but if you walk it is worth trying the footpath that goes past the church and then down the island from there. Its a more attractive pine forest walk, and away from the crowds, bikes and power lines of the road. It won't add that much more time to the journey.

Trouville has houses but no shops or services other than a couple of composting toilets. The sand at these beaches is much finer and nicer than at the northern beaches. The middle beach seemed the most popular and is the biggest but it has a lot of scrubby plants and seaweed so was the least attractive of the three for me. The water was very calm though, so suitable for small kids. However, the western beach of the three has the same calm water and no scrubby plants or seaweed. This was our favourite beach, although it is a thin beach it is very pretty and was never very busy. It is separated from the central beach by some rocks that some folks were sunbathing on. The water was very clear and inviting.

The eastern beach is the whitest and most instantly impressive and is a good size. The water is slightly less calm than on the other two in our experience, but still suitable for kids etc. It is framed by rocks on either side and is genuinely attractive.

Of course it is still the Baltic, so whilst the water down here looked very inviting on a sunny summers day don't go expecting warm water! Still, the kids were happy mucking about in it, it was only when they went for a proper swim that they started to get cold.

There isn't really anything on the western side of the island, just the pine forest meeting the sea. There's beaches of sorts all along this coast but they are quite stony and not that attractive, but still if you are looking for solitude then a stroll along this coast could appeal.

On the eastern side of the island there is a little more to see. For example you could check out Dansberget (the rock with sea views that once served as the island dance floor) and there's a couple of sand beaches on this eastern coast, one located just a little south of the Dansberget before you turn towards the tennis courts, and one by the windsurfing centre just south of the tennis courts, but they are nowhere near as nice as the other beaches described above.

That probably covers the main sites. The island is otherwise criss-crossed by walking paths through the pine forest so you could go for walks. You can quickly find solitude in the pines. I didn't spot much in the way of wildlife though.

Overall, our stay in Sandhamn was chilled and we enjoyed it a lot. We were there Monday to Saturday lunchtime, so didn't experience it at the weekend. Judging by the number of people who got off the ferry we boarded on Saturday lunchtime it may be quite a bit busier then.
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Niemals dort gewesen zu sein, wäre für mich eine große Lücke. Eigentlich sind wir jedes Jahr mindestens einmal dort um das Treiben zu spüren.
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Monika G
波蘭Sosnowiec1 則投稿
2021年9月 • 好友旅行
If you want to use the sauna, make sure you are not the first group booked for the day. You need to heat the sauna up yourself, so make sure they deliver the wood at least 30 min. in advance. In our case the service arrived to the nearby pier 15 minutes late, it took us 30 min. to prepare the sauna and... it was time for another group. So we had to give it up or wait for another 2 hours for our turn after rebooking. Unfortunately, it is possible to book it just for one hour. What a disappointment!
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瑞典Kungshamn91 則投稿
Otroligt mycker folk på båten från Nybrokajen Helt otroligt att man tillåter så mycket människor på båtresan Omöjligt att hålla distans .
Med mer än 2 tim båtresa är det def inte värt 400 kr TOR att trängas för att få uppleva Sandhamns omtalade miljö och atmosfär
Dessutom kaotiskt på kajen med total avsaknad av kösystem vid ombordstigning i Sandhamn

Kanske skall man besöka denna ort vid något annat tillfälle och inte på sommaren.
Ö miljö med många matställen och en fin natur och bebyggelse erbjuds man iaf .
Stor hamn med rikt båtliv Tyvärr förtas detta av resan dit och hem när man summerar upplevelsen av orten
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saint nazaire152 則投稿
Très joli port, petites plages dont l'eau était délicieuse, pour nous (au moins 20 degrés).Quelques commerces, bars et restaurants.

L'attrait pour cette ile réside aussi certainement du fait de la série "Meurtres à sandhamn, que j'ai bien aimée, je dois l'avouer... mais la maison (que je trouve magnifique) présentée comme celle de Nora dans le film n'est pas du tout celle du plan qui est fourni aux touristes !
Désolée! Elle est un peu plu loin ... ;-)
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2 則投稿
2021年7月 • 家庭式
Rikigt dåligt system gällande båtplatserna. Tender båten håller inte köordningen på båtarna och det tar otroligt lång tid innan man får plats.
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