Reduit Beach

Reduit Beach (聖露西亞)

Reduit Beach
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Ryan F
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This beach has a little of everything for everyone. Entrance is in the middle of the beach near "Spinnaker's" restaurant. Spinnaker's is a great beach restaurant/bar right on the beach serving local cuisine as well as a good burger and plenty of beer/drinks. For a quieter & more relaxing beach experience when entering the beach by Spinnakers take a left and head south. It's a very peaceful section of the beach with calm water. Walk to the White lifeguard stand and ask for Mervin, he can set you up with a beach chair and umbrella . He can get you buckets of local Piton beer as well. Very nice guy and the umbrella & chair combo are well worth it. There are several vendors at the main entrance by Spinnakers and several walk up/down the beach but a simple "No thank you" is all that's needed. I do recommend getting a coconut from "Bernard" he walks up & down the beach selling coconuts (he cuts them open with a machete and gives you a straw to drink with it. He also mixes an amazing rum drink with the coconut water which is delicious. Bernard may be one of the nicest people we've met on the island. Another recommendation is getting a roti from "Liz". She also walks up & down the beach and makes homemade roti's (chicken or fish) and they are fantastic. She also makes a homemade hot sauce that is out of this world. The last person I'd recommend is Jackie. She is hard to find, tucked back in the beach between Spinnakers and the life guard stand to the left. She braided my daughters hair and is a very sweet lady. Super kind and gentle. Most of the locals are very gentle people with kind dispositions. I agree with what others say in that you can expect to be encountered to buy something right when you enter and that can be annoying and isn't my cup of tea...however the 4 people I mentioned above are the cream of the crop and by planting yourself to the south part of the beach it's much calmer and peaceful.
For activity our kids rented Jet-Ski's on the beach and also enjoyed the water park on the very north side of the beach. You really could spend an entire day on this beach and do water sports/activites, rest/relax, have food & drinks, etc. It's a pretty beach with views of Pigeon Island. The northern part is more crowded with activity and the Southern half is calmer/quieter and you can enjoy both.
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Catrina M
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Beautiful beach, crystal blue water. Would love to visit this beach again. Great memories made for a lifetime.
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加拿大尼加拉瀑布164 則投稿
2 couples and a day at the beach, we stayed nearby and walked. Stayed at quiet end, away from water play area. Marie’s fish shack was nearby.
Quiet area, beautiful sandy beach, chair and umbrella rentals and no one hasselling you to buy things or book a tour, great relaxing day.
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英國曼徹斯特46 則投稿
Loved our time on this beach.
We stayed at the nearby Soco House hotel but preferred to come down to the beach. There is a nice atmosphere, a cooking breeze, the local guys on the beach are good fun and don’t pester too much once they to know you.
The sea is lovely and the views are stunning.
Can get a little busier when the cruise ships come on or at weekends but still loads of room.
Look out for Joshua whilst you there he’ll look after you re sunbeds and brollies.
Go to Spinnaker’s for a cocktail as the sun goes down.
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Western Canada169 則投稿
Something for everyone. If you like the crowded beach scene with vendors selling trinkets and drugs and you won’t feel safe leaving your stuff then the central part of the beach is for you. If you would prefer quiet then head to the west end where there are closed hotels and empty lots where no one goes.
The water is great and lots of nice sand.
I’ll be back.
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33 則投稿
Widely touted as the best beach on the island, it’s okay. We went twice and were situated by Spinnaker’s, where the beach slopes rather sharply down towards the sea, which means the sun loungers don’t lie completely flat, so it’s not super comfortable to lie on for a prolonged period of time.
You get hassled by a lot of various people selling different things, they usually are fine with a ‘no thank you’, but it does get tedious.
If you want something to eat, there are places are available, but the prices are extortionate. They charged us $60US for a roti, a baguette, and a drink.
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英國倫敦192 則投稿
We drove along the road behind the beach and parked by the police station/Spinnakers. Walked along the beach, getting a fair amount of hassle/salesmanship. Most of it is fine and they responded to a polite no thank you, though one didn’t and was a little unpleasant. If you walk south, it becomes quieter. Nice sea and sand, but pretty touristy and commercial. Not my cup of tea.
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UK60 則投稿
Great long and sandy beach with beautiful waters, an inflatable water park for you to swim out and play on (although it was mainly kids and young adults on it) and with plenty of restaurants/bars and activities lining it, you’re spoilt for choice of what to do!

My friend and I learnt and sailed a hobie cat on the days we were there but there’s also options to jetski, paddle board and other water activities too! Great atmosphere and vibe, with certain stretches of the beach quieter/less packed than others (mainly areas not attached to a hotel resort) and I would highly recommend it!
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英國布萊頓2 則投稿
We haven’t seen this beach at it’s full capacity owing to the overall tourism situation but while it’s quiet it’s a lovely clean beach. No public toilet facilities except in one bar…for a fee. Not a big issue if your resort is nearby but not much for a premium beachfront. The Caribbean vibe is lovely and relaxed however and we had a lovely time, with largely friendly local people …we didn’t feel hassled atall.
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聖露西亞Rodney Bay489 則投稿
Reduit Beach is a gorgeous stretch of sand with turquoise waters. As you enter the beach via the parking lot beside Spinnakers, instead of turning right towards Bay Gardens, turn left. Go past Royalton's Mystique Hotel until you get to the white lifeguard chair. On the right of the chair (with your back to the sea), you will find Mervin's beach chairs and umbrellas. This is a quieter part of beach and an excellent spot to relax and swim. Mervin is a great guy. Tell him Chargie sent you and ask for his best price :). The early mornings are great for walking and the sunset, as seen on the beach is spectacular! Please, leave only footprints. Pick up and take your trash with you.
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