Salt Eldhus

Salt Eldhus (雷克雅維克)

Salt Eldhus
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伊利諾州芝加哥75 則投稿
One of the highlights of our trip!
Siri and Sigi the owners were outstanding hosts and great teachers. We made an amazing meal and learn so much about Iceland we had not seen in the restaurant scene. I highly recommend the class and the meal was great.
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Sigurður Grenda... M
We are so pleased that you enjoyed the experience. Thank you so much for giving feedback and for sharing. Happy cooking!
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佛羅里達州博卡拉頓2 則投稿
Great way to learn about the food and culture
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侶
Great meal with the best locally farmed foods. Learned not only about the foods but also the history and culture. Very gracious host and great class
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Sigurður Grenda... M
It´s so good to hear that you enjoyed the overall experience. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Happy cooking!
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4 則投稿
Fabulous cooking class with insights into Icelandic cooking culture and history
The class was wonderful!

With Sirry's help we prepared a three-course meal. The first course was Arctic char with an orange fennel salad paired well with an Austrian white wine.

The second was rack of Icelandic spring lamb with potatoes, pureed peas, red cabbage and raisins, and bilberry sauce paired with a red Majorcan wine .

The third was skry flan with a brown whey cheese sauce and toasted oats.

In addition, Siggi introduced three other Icelandic favorites: smoked lamb on Icelandic flat bread, smoked trout on Icelandic sweet rye, picked herring on sweet rye, and dried wolf fish.

The food was fabulous and so too were the explanations of the ingredients, cooking techniques, and Icelandic culinary culture and history. This was the first stop on our two week trip. Sirry and Siggi gave us suggestions for other eateries to try as we drive the Ring Road.

Sirry is a knitter and yarn dyer. She made recommendations here as well.
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Sigurður Grenda... M
How wonderful that you had such a good time. We hope you had a memorable visit to our country and a great "yarn hunt" as well. Happy cooking!
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Theresa T
8 則投稿
Such a wonderful experience . The hosts were especially gracious; prepared and food was spectacular. I have to several nice cooking classes, but I give this one the best.
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Thank you so much for your kind words. It is absolutely wonderful and inspiring to hear how much you enjoyed the experience. It is our "raison d´être". Happy cooking!
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伊利諾州芝加哥14 則投稿
A Perfect Way to Spend the Day
We enjoyed learning about Icelandic cooking and cuisine from two wonderful teachers.
Our meal was delicious and we loved the beautiful kitchen and view at Salt. We recommend highly.
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Thank you so much for coming back to us like this, taking the time to give feedback. It is so rewarding to hear from people that they enjoyed the experience and took away with them some good memories. Thank you so much and Happy Cooking!
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Los Angeles, United States8 則投稿
Great Cooking Class
Took this cooking class with my 2 adult children (24&26). It was great. We learned how to cook great food and learned a bit about Icelandic history through food. The instructors/ owners were wonderful, friendly and easy to work with. We love to cook and this was a great class and the food we prepared was delicious!!!!!
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Thank you so much for taking the time to give feedback, we greatly appreciate it. We are so happy to learn that you enjoyed the experience and the food. Happy cooking!
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10 則投稿
My fiancé and I had an amazing time during this class (which we happened to be the only couple there that evening so it felt more like a private cooking class!). The food was amazing and we were given so much history on the food and culture of Iceland. I would highly recommend this if you are spending any time in Reykjavik. You won’t regret it and it might possibly be the best meal you’ll eat during your stay!
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Sigurður Grenda... M
We are so happy that you guys enjoyed the experience and that you took the time to share it with us and give feedback. It is greatly appreciated and very encouraging. Happy cooking!
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佛羅里達州西嶼24 則投稿
Great Food and Great History
My girlfriend and I want to start taking cooking classes whenever we travel. We were a bit worried that this might not work out, but thankfully Salt Eldhus definitely cemented it into a tradition! As we made our way up a few flight of stairs to get to the space, past a few embassies it appears, wondering if we had the right area, we made our way into an absolutely gorgeous open cooking area.

From there we got started pretty quickly and it was a fantastic experience. Not only did we get to try local foods we weren't familiar with, but also got a lot of introduction into the history of Iceland that I don't think otherwise we would have been exposed to.

In the middle we took a break for a quick tasting of more traditional Icelandic cuisine and some local beer, which was fantastic and gave us a taste for real pickled herring which is not something I ever thought I would enjoy.

Once everything was finished up, we had a chance to sit down and enjoy our meal along with with wine while enjoying the lovely view from the top floor of the building we were at.

I really couldn't have asked for much more of an enjoyable experience.
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Sigurður Grenda... M
Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. I am so pleased that you enjoyed the experience, not to mention that you intend to do attend a cooking class on your future travels. I remember that afterwards I emailed you details concerning the type of syrup we use for the steamed rye bread you tasted. We would love to know if you tried baking the bread and how it went? Happy cooking!
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加拿大蘇克61 則投稿
Delicious, interesting and fun experience!
2019年6月 • 家庭式
During our family trip to Iceland, my family (grandparents, parents and two children (9 and 11)) spent a lovely evening at this cooking school. There were four other guests bringing our class size to 10. After learning about the local ingredients we would use, we formed into several small teams to cook a three course dinner of local Arctic char with fennel-orange salad, herb crusted rack of lamb with several sides and Skyr flan. With two chefs assisting us, we prepared each of the courses stopping for an appetizer break of beer and local rye bread with various toppings like pickled herring and cold smoked salmon. These were accompanied by detailed descriptions of the preparation methods and culture around these foods. We then plated the first course and ate it with some delicious paired wine. We followed suit with each course. Our instructors were very easy going, flexible and supportive of the kids cooking who are experienced in the kitchen, interested in food and were able to stay focused throughout the 4 hour class. We learned so much about local ingredients and customs. Highly recommended. Thank you so much Siggi and Matti!
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田納西納什維爾455 則投稿
A Wonderful Experience!
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侶
I love cooking classes and have taken many in the states as well as Italy. My sweet husband planned our trip to Iceland and registered us for a class at Salt Eldus. It could not have been more fabulous. My husband doesn't cook and he doesn't bake -- but even he loved the class. The owners, Sigurdur and Sirry, could not have been more gracious.So easy to talk to and just so full of knowledge on everything Iceland. We made two fabulous seafood main courses (Arctic char and Cod) with delicious side items served with a lovely white wine. Dessert was an absolutely divine flan served with homemade fruit juice. A local beer was served during the cooking class when we tasted several different Iceland favorites -- including pickled herring, smoked lamb, breads, etc. Hands on cooking and just lots of fun facts. We were sent home -- very full, but with recipes for everything we made -- plus additional recipes that Sirry shared, that we had talked about. Must also mention that their venue -- is beautiful. A penthouse view overlooking the city, the ocean, the mountains -- with windows galore and a lovely wrap around balcony. Definitely recommend!!
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