Pedn Vounder Beach

Pedn Vounder Beach (Treen)

Pedn Vounder Beach

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Horrific access but beautiful
2021年10月 • 單獨旅行
I wanted to visit this beach for some time however decided not to do so in the summer months as I have seen how busy it gets in the area. The beach itself is accessed from the south-west coastal path having parked at Porthcurno.

As you walk along the path to the beach there is a very steep descent which is bordering on the impossible to such an extent that people were giving up and turning around and going back. Unfortunately I was one of these and couldn’t make it down onto the beach. They’re worth around half a dozen people who had made it down onto the beach and it looked absolutely glorious sadly it’s just the sheer in accessibility that is pulling the score down for this beach
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英國倫敦69 則投稿
Quietly Magical
So nice to return here on a quiet late September day. Just a few people, cool with some sunny spells and dry. Warm enough to swim naked and enjoy being rocked by the waves whilst delighted by the views. The sand bank seems closer to shore than a few years ago but stil magical. As others have said the route down is dangerous, need suitable footware and experience of clambering up and down rocks.
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kathryn h
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2021年7月 • 好友旅行
A stunning beach it is quite a climb down over the rocks so you do need to be prepared for this. The beach is definitely worth the climb especially when the tide goes out. The best beach I have been to
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英國Stanwix30 則投稿
2021年6月 • 夫妻情侶
Just as good as everyone else says, but it’s not really a naturist beach. You can wear whatever you like and no one’s bothered - wetsuits, swimsuits and birthday suits are all appropriate at Pedn Vounder.
Take care climbing down to the beach. The last bit is easy for seasoned mountaineers, but the rest of us need to take great care.
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Angie Avon
英國威根56 則投稿
Amazing beach but scary getting down to it.
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侶
Absolutely amazing beach with turquoise sea. You could be mistaken to think you were in the carribean. It is a nudist beach but there were a mix of naked and dressed people so don't feel you have to take your clothes off. There's no facilities so be aware of that.

Now the scary bit. Getting there. Park in Treen which costs £2 for the day then turn left out of the car park and follow the costal path. You then have to follow a very steep and rocky path. Not for the faint hearted so be very careful. I actually found it harder to get back up. I didn't realise how unfit I am. My legs ached for days after and I was so out of breathe. Don't go down bare foot or just in flip flops, it's too dangerous. I also recommend using a rucksack. I had a normal handbag and it kept on falling off my shoulder and was a hindrance. It's well worth the effort though as it's a beautiful place.
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John W
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fantastic beach
Totally amazing beach, how naked people mix with clothed ones. It was so magical to enjoy the atmosphere
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英國倫敦29 則投稿
Beautiful cove - tricky to access
2020年8月 • 夫妻情侶
The beach is beautiful, especially when the tide is out and creates a mini circular sand island. There are no lifeguards, toilets, bins etc - it is a natural cove so take everything you need with you and take all your rubbish home. Following advice from other reviews we left most of our stuff on our bikes up at the top and just took a backpack down so we could use both hands to hold on to the rocks on the path. Check the tide times before you plan your day so you have plenty of time to get back up safely.
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英國St Buryan6 則投稿
Treat with caution.
2020年8月 • 單獨旅行
Two deaths in 2020 so far and several call outs for the RNLI, Coastguard and Air Ambulance. Pedn Vounder is a dangerous place for those who do not treat it with absolute respect. The access is a vertical path with no steps. The beach is underwater at high tide. The sand bar shifts around creating eccentric wave patterns that can lift a swimmer and slam them into the beach or rocks.

It can also be a very happy place to be on a warm summers day. White sand, turquoise sea and it faces south. But, be sensible when wanting to use it. Don’t wear flip flops to climb up or down the cliff (risk of slipping and falling off). Don’t try to climb down if you have a fear of heights. Always check the time of high tide BEFORE going down to the beach. Also check the size of the swell/wave height. As tempting as the sea can be it is also a dangerous environment where even the experienced can be caught out. And make sure you leave enough time to get back to the path before the tide comes in. The base of the path is covered at high tide.

Finally don’t swear at local residents who warn you of the dangers as you head to the cliff edge in flip flops, carrying toddlers and a days worth of food and beach equipment (boards, wind breaks, etc). I have personal experience of this attitude as do several other local residents.

Be sensible in your use and it can be a great beach day.
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英國特爾福德328 則投稿
Dog friendly
2020年7月 • 好友旅行
OK so this beach is gorgeous!! However it is very hard to get to get 2, due to having to scale down a cliff edge. We managed to do it as 2 adults, 2x 9 year olds, a small dog and the new born baby in a sling. Many people were looking at me as if I were mad but it was doable, but only just. You must all wear trainers... no flip flops.!! thoroughly enjoyed the views on the way down and im glad I went but! but in hindsight I probably should not have done it..... Because had I fell it would have been a big issue. The boys who are 9 managed to scale down the cliff edge but they did need both hands free. All though this beach is dog friendly unlike the beach next door..... it is not easy for dogs to get to. If you are definitely going to the beach because you can not go to the beach next door then I would suggest you park at the treem cafe car park an hour before you want to arrive on the beach and make sure you check the tide. We rushed off the beach because we thought the sea came all the way in but it doesn't. But I do wish we arrived when the tide was very low as it would be much more child friendly. I struggled to find a picture of the cliff edge prior to going, so I have included one on here ...all though it is hard to fully see the difficulty. If you are able to visit the beach next door at porthcurno I would do that instead, as it appeared to have Sun for a longer period of time and I would also try to visit Kynance cove as that is more beautiful and easier to access.
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claire b
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Not for the faint hearted.
2019年8月 • 單獨旅行
The beach it's self spectacular. The walk to it. Hair raising. Please take on the advice given to get to this beach.

The coastal path down to the beach is long, steep, and unsteady.

Majority is just follow the path, the end is climbing down a boulder cliff.

Not suitable for those with disabilities and general unfitness.

Forget the beach paraphernalia, your gonna need your hands free to climb up and down.

If your carrying babies or dogs, I would think twice.

Once your down there, there is no toilets, or shops, so use those available in Treen before you set off.

Check the tides, because if you start your descent when the tide is in you will be climbing over the last bit into the sea.
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