Blues Alley
Blues Alley
下午6:00 - 上午12:30
下午6:00 - 上午12:30
下午6:00 - 上午12:30
下午6:00 - 上午12:30
下午6:00 - 上午12:30
下午6:00 - 上午12:30
下午6:00 - 上午12:30
下午6:00 - 上午12:30


周圍地區: Georgetown

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Richard R
5 則投稿
2023年11月 • 夫妻情侶
Fantastic, intimate setting. We saw Najee there in early November. It was a great show... and we met some new friends, too.
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N'Jeri J
3 則投稿
2023年9月 • 夫妻情侶
Blues Alley is very small and is located in an alley. But, the food and service was very good. The music was great!
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Steven C
俄克拉何馬州育空14 則投稿
2023年7月 • 夫妻情侶
We spent over a week in DC and Blues Alley was the highlight of the trip. The food is incredible, the music is mind-blowing, and the atmosphere is out of this world. We would go to Blues Alley every night if we could. You will not be disappointed here.
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哥倫比亞特區華盛頓 (哥倫比亞特區)19 則投稿
2023年5月 • 夫妻情侶
Great date night in the Alley. We were looking to do something different in DC and thought about smaller venues. We’re pretty close coming from Virginia and found very convenient parking in the garage across the street. I suggest arrival at least an hour before performances to get seating meets your needs (especially for larger parties or couples) as it’s a small place and seating is the most challenging part of the venue. We were seated quickly on the “couples wall” which was perfect for me and my spouse. Our server was gracious and efficient. (If you are having a drink, suggest you order double to reduce the server having to return often). The performance and intimacy make this a unique event and having great food was icing on the cake. We’ll be back.
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Zara H
1 則投稿
2023年5月 • 好友旅行
We were visiting DC with a ground of people, and we were highly recommended to visit the club.
It was one of ours friends bday and we decided to surprise her. I e made a reservation for 8 which costed me around $400.00. When we arrived we were told that all the seats were taken and they could provide is scattered seating at other people’s tables.
We were going for a reason to celebrate a bday with the friends and have a nice dinner. That’s the reason we had made a reservation ahead of time.
The gentleman who greeted us was extremely rude and literally told us we had no option but sit separately with other people while they were eating .
Long story short, the birthday surprise was ruined, we were told that we couldn’t be reimbursed, and the staff was extremely rude and unprofessional .
It’s very unfortunate that such a behavior can affect a reputation of a nice place. Don’t know the name of the person since he didn’t give it to me but I took a picture.
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哥倫比亞特區華盛頓 (哥倫比亞特區)9 則投稿
2023年2月 • 夫妻情侶
Annoying that the servers are constantly interacting w the clients while the show is ongoing. Great intimate venue for live music.
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哥倫比亞特區華盛頓 (哥倫比亞特區)172 則投稿
Check out who’s playing any evening. Listen to them on the site and if it sounds good, GO! You won’t regret it anytime. Welcoming staff. Great food. Outstanding bar. This is a place to investigate any night.
Lots of Christmas shows this month, too.
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愛爾蘭都柏林195 則投稿
I was only in DC for one night and am so glad I chose to spend it here. I was at one of the Nestor Torres gigs and it was a fantastic night. Friendly staff, great food, wine and most importantly an amazing atmosphere. Highly recommended.
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Liam O
1 則投稿
During a show on 7 August I began to feel drops of water splashing onto my body and table. I was not sure where the drops were coming from, but when they picked up it became obvious that the drops were coming from the ceiling. I immediately notified our server who contacted the manager. The manager sat in my seat for a few minutes and then told me that the water was from the air conditioning. One in our party is a civil engineer and noted water from an AC unit does not fall from the ceiling in the middle of a room, and that we were sitting directly under the bathroom. Amazingly the manager did not offer to move us, offer to replace our drinks that were being splashed by the dripping liquid, or apologize in any way. I stood up in the back for the rest of the show and then approached the manager to complain about the leak and his reaction. He touched my shirt, said that I was barely wet from the leak, and laughed! It is amazing that this famed club would hire a manager that is so lacking in basic customer relations. I urge Mr. Schnipper, the Executive Manager of Blues Alley to look into the ongoing leak and into the atrocious behavior of the manager.
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rene sigsgaard l
18 則投稿
2022年7月 • 夫妻情侶
Så Brian simpson i juli 2022, kanon intim oplevelse. Fed oplevelse og sidde i jazzen eget land og høre kanon jazz. Kommer aldrig til at fortryde, hvis du er i Washington skal den her bar være på to do listen på højde med White House.
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