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盧安達吉佳利101 則投稿
Evening for music
2017年10月 • 好友旅行
The vocalist on Friday is the attraction. She is a good singer but did not like the place she was singing from. Just in a corner. Food always great. Ambience good but always crowded. Reservation is advised. Service good.
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Toronto140 則投稿
Great for groups!
2017年9月 • 商務型
I've been to this restaurant twice, and the second time, we were a large group, so they just gave us a family-style meal that was a bit of everything. I quite enjoyed it this way, as we got to taste all sorts of foods and it was quite delicious. Definitely a highlight!
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瑞典哥特堡97 則投稿
Don't Hesitate to Go!
Stopping for a night in Kingali en route to gorilla trekking, we chose the Republica Club rather than our hotel's restaurant. The restaurant has moved, so you need to know the correct address for your cab. We were two US couples and did not feel uneasy throughout the evening.
The menu was lengthy and our waitress suggested a steamed fish that was delicious. Likewise, a tiny fried fish appetizer, the spinach and green beans... all fresh and spiced deliciously. We sat on the upstairs deck and when we arrived at 7 it was sparsely occupied. Full when we left. We paid in US currency.
We were greeted by the owner, a lovely woman who undoubted was actively overseeing the restaurant. The downstairs bar was friendly and also active.
A great start for our trip thru Africa!
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加拿大渥太華206 則投稿
Lovely setting with local cuisine options
2017年1月 • 夫妻情侶
This is a surprising restaurant. The interior is lovely with a covered balcony overlooking a valley. Trees right alongside are home to birds. This makes for a lovely setting. The food is very good, with Western and Rwandan options. We opted for the Rwanda 'sampler' which was not on the menu but was recommended by the waiter. We enjoyed trying new things...all of which were well prepared. The service was very good and very friendly.

Tip...we hired a cab to get there and the driver offered to wait for us. This was very good as the streets are confusing.
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加利福尼亞聖克魯斯53 則投稿
Very nice evening meal and view.
2017年1月 • 家庭式
Fine view of city center hill in distance. We had a front row ticket to a smashing thunder, lightening, torrential rainstorm. Fine decor, food and service. No pressure to leave when meal was over.
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荷蘭萊利斯塔德77 則投稿
Had a great meal looking out over the city
2017年1月 • 商務型
Had a great meal with 3 colleagues . They all were enthusiastic about their meals. My goat dish was excellent. Service was prompt and there was ample parking.
Prices were not high , I think. Certainly not for what we got. Would advice a visit here.
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mathewra189 則投稿
Fantastic going away luncheon
2016年10月 • 商務型
We had company farewell luncheon here on the open porch, Every one of the shared food plates was good, though I skipped the beef. the 2 fish dishes were great and the more than a dozen vegetarian and appetizer bits were great.
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伊利諾州芝加哥43 則投稿
Quirky & classy restaurant
Republica is a great option for a light dinner and lingering over drinks with friends. The main seating area is on an open porch with nice views over the valley below Kiyovu, and the indoor bar has some striking local artwork about. Not many vegetarian options, so I can't comment extensively on the food, but it's worth a visit for the ambience alone. (And there's an interesting gift shop on the ground floor with higher quality wares than most.)
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