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‪Yaniv Fine Jewelry‬

‪Yaniv Fine Jewelry‬
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Wonderful Jewler
If you’re looking to get a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry, Yaniv FIne Jewlery is the place to go. I was on a Women’s Mission from San Diego when a friend on the trip discovered Yaniv. Our trip was busy from early morning till the evening. Shai agreed to meet me and several friends at his shop in the evening. We found the most beautiful pieces. I was looking for a Star of David. Yaniv had a wonderful selection, others were looking for non judaica items of which he had lots. I wanted my piece in Rose Gold. He didn’t have it so he offered to custom make a piece for me. I received it yesterday and it’s perfect. I will go back to Yaniv and to Shai next time I’m in Tel Aviv. I can’t recommend them more highly. The nicest Jewler to work with. He even gave us a restaurant recommendation after working with us until 9:30 pm.
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加利福尼亞德爾馬1 則投稿
Great shopping experience!
I was looking for a necklace for my granddaughter’s 13th birthday! Yaniv fulfilled that search and more! The array of Star of David necklaces was amazing ! They helped me find the right one and I can’t wait for the day to give it to her! I also fell in love with one for myself, it was very unique and I feel one of a kind. I have received many compliments. I was with friends who purchased rings and other beautiful necklaces as well. Shai and his wife were very helpful and patient when 6 of us descended on his small shop all at once! He even told us where to eat in the neighborhood when we were done.
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麻省(麻薩諸塞州)Dover2 則投稿
outstanding jeweler
It is rare that we buy exquisite jewelry, but when we do, it is always at Yaniv's. The creative design
and workmanship, combined with Yaniv' s desire to please, always make his shop a must go on our international itinerary.
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Susan R
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We love Yaniv Fine Jewelry. The variety and artistry of all that Shai makes is impressive. He has an amazing sense of color and form - each piece we have bought there over the years is a memento of a fabulous trip to a wonderful corner of the world. Art at its finest.
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Ольга П
3 則投稿
Beautiful unique jewelry with a deep meaning
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侶
A small shop in the center of Tel Aviv. All jewelry is very beautiful and unique. Shai Yaniv was very hospitable and patient with us. We chose for me a white gold pendant Dove of peace on a lapis lazuli triangle that evokes associations with the Star of David. It is a very delicate and beautiful jewelry that I wear with great pleasure.
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Beautiful jewellery. Excellent service.
Highly recommended. Yaniv Fine Jewellery has some beautiful and unique pieces, all expertly designed and of high quality. My wife is delighted with the 18 carat gold and diamond flower pendant that we purchased from Yaniv. It has an original/contemporary design and is really beautifully made to a very high standard. Shai, the owner, was extremely helpful, diligent and professional throughout and went out of his way to ensure that we were satisfied with our purchase, while being patient, courteous and responsive at all times. We would not hesitate to purchase more items from Yaniv when next in Tel Aviv.
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Alina C
佛羅里達州聖奧斯汀學院15 則投稿
Unique Jewelry
2019年11月 • 商務型
I was looking for something unique to bring back form Israel and I found exactly what I was looking for with Yaniv. Both my daughter and I were able to find something beautiful and completely different from everything we saw all week in stores through Israel.
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Deborah M
佛羅里達州德拉海灘305 則投稿
Amazing and unique Jewelry
2019年11月 • 單獨旅行
I have several pieces of Yaniv's including the dove pendant which I always get complements on due to it's uniqueness. My sister also purchased the same on my last visit, so on my most recent trip to Israel, I had to stop at his stop to get something for my niece. Shai was super helpful in showing me different options before I made my final decision on a beautiful white gold Star of David. I highly recommend this jeweler for beautiful pieces, and wonderful service.
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以色列阿克215 則投稿
Beautiful choices
2019年10月 • 好友旅行
This was our second visit to Israel in two years. We found very fine, unique custom made jewelry here. Very friendly and professional. Reasonable prices. Two really beautiful necklaces we love. No pressure to buy and a lot to choose from. Thank you Shai
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Irina Naggar
英國巴斯21 則投稿
Pomegranate pendant
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侶
We have had an incredible experience in this unique jewellery studio in Tel Aviv. The service was amazing, the owner Shai was very patient and helpful and the item ( diamond and ruby pomegranate pendant) was simply stunning! We will definitely come back again.
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