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Anwar A
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Papyrus Giza Cairo. Oil place
2020年12月 • 單獨旅行
These people are playing with your credit card without your knowledge. The commercial woman increases the pressure, we cannot leave the place without buying. The seller also took the opportunity to double the bill. I called the store when I realized the wrongdoing, which told me that he was going to send it back other products in compensation. I was robbed of 1500 dollars. I filed a complaint with Master Card for embezzlement.
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Munir D
加拿大多倫多501 則投稿
This shop would be more visited if guests are allowed to make their own purchases rather than being coerced to buy.
This was not planned on our visit but we were encouraged to go here to gain more knowledge of Egyptian Culture.

The visit was educative as we were shown how, from the Papyrus plant, paper is made. The paper that we use today originates from the ancient Egyptian art of making paper from the papyrus which grew abundantly in the marshes of the Nile.

The brief demonstration on how papyrus is converted to paper was informative.

After the demonstration visitors are coerced to buy papyrus artwork that can be inscribed with hieroglyphics. After being offered free tea and a free lecture one is almost obliged to make a purchase but one does not need to buy anything if one does not have the budget or does not need to buy any product. The best approach is to be firm.

The shop does a lot of bargaining from the original fixed prices that are displayed.

Munir D.
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Aya K
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Pasi L
芬蘭拉赫蒂784 則投稿
Papyrys kauppa turisteille
2020年3月 • 夫妻情侶
Kauppa joka kuuluu matkanjärjestäjien pakkomyynti kohteisiin. Pysähdystä mainostetaan museona, mutta kauppa on kyseessä.
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澳洲布里斯本63 則投稿
Rip off
2019年5月 • 家庭式
We gave in to the pressure of buying 4 pictures from this shop. Unfortunately for us we did not see the amount that was charged on the eftpos machine. It wasn’t until I saw my bank statement after leaving Egypt that I had been charged $1000 Australian dollars. I was very upset.
A friend said she was told by the shop her card was not working and it was swiped 3 times she saw her statement later and was charged 3 times for her picture. This shop is the reason I will not return to Egypt, I can’t even enjoy looking at my pictures now.
Travellers stay away from this shop.
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法國Benfeld620 則投稿
Super expérience
2019年10月 • 家庭式
Super description en français et démonstration de la procédure de production du papyrus bien sûr achat garantit à la sorti
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Hakan Ö
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Betrug von vorne bis hinten
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侶
Haltet euch fern von diesem laden hier wird euch nur mist erzählt und es für zb 50€ verkauft das ihr aber für 3-5 € in einem Souvenir duty free laden bekommt einfach lächerlich.. das sind keine bilder was handgemacht sind so wie es der verkäufer euch erzählt sondern einfach massenproduktion und eine gute einmamequelle durch touristen. Die Verkäufer erzählen einem es so versüßt das man es den glaubt aber seid wachsam und fallt nicht drauf rein einfach nix kaufen und raus.
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埃及吉薩11 則投稿
only visit if you want to buy
this was part of a tour, which we didnt know we were going to. felt very pressured to buy. nice hospitality with bottled water and tea on offer.
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Nic S
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“Genuine” scam
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侶
Taken to this “gallery” by our guide. Very garish selection. After a frenetic “demonstration “ of how papyrus is made which was barely coherent the hard sell began. In the end decided to take one of the cheaper scrolls which had a space to put our names in in hieroglyphics . This was done in 3 minutes by a woman with a felt tip pen. Very rough. Unfortunately it was put into a container before I could see it properly. Cost of original papyrus: $38 US. Cost of getting 2 names included $18US !
Continued to hard sell until we left the shop.
Excessively over priced and quality of the addition absolutely appalling. Embarrassed I fell for it .
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新澤西州Pennington10,776 則投稿
Amazing process with a beautiful result
2019年3月 • 單獨旅行
Following an amazing morning visiting the Pyramids of Giza and The Great Sphinx, I visited the Papyrus Shop. This was a learning experience as well as a shopping break! At the beginning of the visit, I was introduced to the papyrus reed, a plant that can be found in tropical rain forests. Though it can be found along stream banks throughout the wetter parts of Africa, is now rarer along the Nile. Seeing how the papyrus reed is transformed into paper was a fascinating process. From flattening the reeds to connecting the flattened reeds, to drying the flattened sheets, the process creates a strong sheet of papyrus that can be painted and is very durable.

After the introductory lesson, I was able to peruse the showroom without any hard sell tactics.There were a variety of art pieces to choose from. I selected a few pieces that the staff was able to roll into a sturdy tube. This was an enjoyable and unique experience during my time in Giza.
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