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Yacu Puma Center (伊基托斯)

Yacu Puma Center


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Rita E
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Beware thief!! Long but worth the read
2019年9月 • 單獨旅行
I booked to stay here for three nights at the end of my trip to Iquitos. I made contact via email and a VERY responsive lady answered all my questions in perfect English and I was excited for my stay. I arrived yesterday (31/8/2019) and was greeted by Ruso. Very friendly, enough English to get a sentence across but everyone else had virtually no English at all. It was pleasant to have the kids and the puppies and dogs around. I wanted an authentic Peruvian experience and that’s exactly what it turns out I got!

I was going to have one last ceremony and got ready and took my stuff outside to the Maloca to prepare. I then had to go back to my room and as I went around the corner I heard my door closing. I stood and watched and then my light turned on. I quietly tried to open it and it was locked from the inside. I snuck around to the side and looked through the window which had no screen to see one of the many sons in there rifling through my stuff on my bed. I yelled at him and he came out quickly and motioned for me to be quiet and that he was sorry. I immediately packed my bags and went out to find Don Juan as I was leaving!! I asked for my money back and even though I paid in dollars yesterday, they didn’t have it anymore and paid me in soles!?!?!? It’s the Peruvian way it seems, little rip offs at every possible opportunity.

I left after then delaying for some time and went back to my original hotel in the city.

I then received an email from the only English speaker besides myself in this debacle who happens to live in Abu Dhabi. She says the son is saying that he wanted to have a shower and didn’t know I was in there. Lol. I’m sure he would have worked that out the moment he started putting his lying thief hands through my stuff on my bed! So basically trying to deny it happened.

I am sorry for Don Juan and his wife who are really lovely people however I will not stay somewhere where I have to either stay in my room all day or carry my bags with me to avoid being robbed. I am extremely disappointed in what happened and the reaction from Yacu puma as the denying is just making me even more mad.

Beware. Unfortunately because I was hoping to have an amazing experience here. I was also not going to wave a review because of their hospitality but this incessant denying has changed my mind. I am a police officer- I saw what I saw.

If you want to go to a shaman and drink ayahuasca, pay the extra for a proper experience and go to arkana spiritual centre. You will not regret it and you don’t have to watch your stuff.
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Aaron W
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Incredible. A true curandero. Thanks Don Juan!
2019年7月 • 單獨旅行
I first visited Don Juan at his centre in March 2019 for a month on the advice of a friend. I presented with various issues relating to working with "not so honest" curanderos in the past which had left me damaged in several ways.

I had several trust issues with the medicine and people in general after what I had gone through, but decided to give it 1 last go before I called ot quits, and believe me I was ready to quit.

After dieting and drinking ayahuasca with Don Juan for 4 weeks I was straightened out and decided to continue studying. I returned in July 2019 and I am proud to say I am a student of Don Juan now.

His knowledge, skill, experience and wisdom is absolutely unparalleled. He is supported also by his beautiful family which have become good friends of myn.

I will never forget how much you have helped me Maestro. You changed my life. Gracias para todo 🙏

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2017年5月 • 單獨旅行
I want To say thx too edhu and don Juan is a very good center and don Juan is a good shaman is take care of his neighborhood
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Bartolomeo L
巴西累西腓1 則投稿
Don Juan a real curandero
2017年4月 • 單獨旅行
I spent 5 weeks at Yacu Puma healing center and it was a memorable experience. The experience with ayahuasca is not easy to explain with words because it involves body, mind and energy. For sure the experience with ayhuasca was really wonderful, amazing and it was the door to enter in a fantastic world, dimension. Don Juan, a real curandero not only for tourist but expecially for locals, with his soft and sharp irony is always present to resolve any problem and help people to live a full experience. And also all the family is nice and help to run the center and also preparing a delicious, simple and healthy food. For sure I will go back to continue the experience.
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西班牙格拉納達18 則投稿
Un chamán que tiene mucho que ofrecer.
2016年11月 • 單獨旅行
Estuve en casa de Don Juan en Noviembre de 2016. Viajé sola y me alojé en su casa junto a toda su familia. Desde un principio me sentí cómoda y tranquila. El es inmensamente cariñoso y sólo esta para ayudar a la gente. Llegué ahí con cáncer y muy preocupada por mi futuro. Después de un mes y tres semanas de estar ahí, regresé a España con esperanza y muchas ganas de hacer cosas. No tuve deseos de hacerme pruebas clínicas para saber si me había curado o no.
Este es un lugar como para quedarse meses, ideal para no preocuparte por el frío. La alimentación es muy saludable y el descanso es pleno.
Gracias Don Juan por cuidarnos tan bien.
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Ehud M
加拿大溫哥華33 則投稿
Great place, amazing experiences
2016年2月 • 單獨旅行
This place is for real, I found myself staying for a month and a half in the Yacu Puma center. The food was simple and natural but taste good and fresh every day. The ceremonies were beautiful, sacred, but without the tourist attraction, no dress code and no strange requests and gestures. Don Juan's house is the place, I've been to some places in the area before and found myself going back to Yacu Puma and to Don Juan ceremonies, I fell in love with his amazing Icarus, still sing them to myself after a few months back home.
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祕魯利馬23 則投稿
The best Logde
2015年4月 • 家庭式
Al vivir mi experiencia como aventurero limeño me dí con la sorpresa que la amazonia esconde misterios del cual a traves de Yacu Puma Center pude conocer, Grande Yacu.
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Jaakko L
芬蘭赫爾辛基1 則投稿
Una vivencia y experiencia cultural sanadora
2015年4月 • 單獨旅行
Puedo recomendar la estancia en el Centro Yacu Puma del Maestro Don Juan con el y su familia. He quedado ahí en cinco oportunidades, cada una entre dos semanas y dos meses y medio, desde el año 2006. Don Juan es un gran curandero y persona. Sus ceremonias son realmente sanadoras y autenticas. Con su familia reciben a gente de todos los partes del mundo con mucho cariño. La comida servida es fresca y sana, incluso de la dieta es tradicional. La localización es accesible y se puede conocer la región con facilidad.
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Erick C
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Muy buen lugar para disfrutar tus vacaciones, buen trato, buen clima, la atención es adecuada. la comida es excelente.
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Andrea G
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Paraiso de la selva
2015年5月 • 家庭式
Un lugar tranquilo, desetresante, para sañir de la rutina, rodeado de animales y con vista a la naturaleza. Es un lugar hermoso.
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