Bally's Atlantic City Casino

Bally's Atlantic City Casino

Bally's Atlantic City Casino

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John M
卡羅萊納州亨德森維爾27 則投稿
We loved the new slots and excellent results. One thing I would change is allow us to take pictures of our jackpots. It helps our memories when we get home. Otherwise, great floor staff.
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Claudia F
8 則投稿
I was very surprised to see that the Wild Wild West is now being handled by Caesar's. There was a variety of machines old and new but some of my old favorites were gone. I guess the new Sportsbook is to their advantage but I am not interested.
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Rick B
康涅狄格哈特福32 則投稿
Still a little shabby sound the edges,but it was the
only place with drink girls handy. Few were found in other casinos.
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賓夕法尼亞州約克52 則投稿
I would have given this a higher rating if you could have ordered a drink from the machine instead of waiting for a server to approach and take your order
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佛羅里達州棕櫚海岸64 則投稿
Found some of my favorite slots here. Drink service was quicker than some other casinos. The casino was quite clean.
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賓夕法尼亞州費城59 則投稿
So, on August 16th-18, we stayed at the Bally's, I thought I'd give it a try because they are renovated now. Why have the quick check-in machines if they don't work? That line at check-in time (around 4-5) is ridiculous BUT they did move kind of fast for the amount of people. I was probably 50th in line and it took me about 40 minutes to get up there. The rooms are nicely renovated and the Dunkin Donuts is extremely expensive. My Fiance' and I did enjoy the new bathtub in the room. It was a delight. The thing that pissed me off was Bally's had no room service, they said, on weekdays, like why?? Only on weekends. I guess those of us who pay top dollar and stay on weekdays don't need to eat.
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Andy J
2 則投稿
There is no front door to the hotel. You walk down an alley and eventually see what looks like an entry point to your left with the slowest moving turn-style door ever.
I waited in line for one and fifteen minutes to check in due to only having three people on duty to assist with check-in.

My room was a complete disaster:
a. The TV remote did not work 3 days til I finally got a porter to bring a remote with working batteries.
b. The TV was nearly 30 feet from the head of the bed (I measured) and was only a 40-inch TV. Once sitting on the bed, the TV was tiny and small that far away.
c. The inside of the shower curtain had mold and mildew growing all over it.
d. Every lamp shade in the room was missing the nut to screw them down onto the lamp and was all stained and dirty.
e. The room was very poorly lit and extremely dark.
f. The view out of my window was a concrete wall maybe 3 feet from the window.
g. The room was of course as dirty as you are currently picturing in your mind.
h. During my 7-day stay, the room was only freshened once, and no new soap, shampoo, etc were added.
i. I emptied the trash out myself.
j. The button in the elevator to take you to the 2nd floor (the main casino floor) did not work in one of the elevators. 

Hotel Experience:
a. It was so loud in the entry due to house music and live DJ you could barely think.
b. The restaurants located inside the occasion closed at 9pm.
c. Friday & Saturday there were live music concerts outside that you could hear in your room as if you were standing in the front row.

To wrap, I would have been better off sleeping outside with all the homeless people than paying the $499 per night fee the hotel charged. 
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1 則投稿
2022年7月 • 夫妻情侶
Either knock the whole building down and start again or hire all new staff. The higher ups should be fired as well because I’m sure they were the brains behind this dump of an establishment. This place is a complete and utter joke. The front desk people are rude and lack any real customer service skills. The floor staff are just as bad! We found that the only people who had great customer service were at the players club and the Dunkin Donuts. Whatever you do, NEVER stay in the Dennis towers. They are NOT renovated and they are dirty and disgusting . The bathrooms still have shower curtains for gods sake!!!! Even if get a non smoking room, the room as well as the hallways will smell like smoke and marijuana. The elevators don’t work and the constantly get stuck so you have to end up using the stairs. The water pressure is non existent and tv blanks on and off! The carpets are dirty, the furniture is old and looks like it’s from the 80’s and had a bunch of chips and dents in it. The safe wouldn’t close unless you held it shut. The sink overflowed in the bathroom (guessing the pipes are clogged. Had to to go all the way down to the front desk to request a DND sign( you would think that it would already be in the room but no) I would never and mean NEVER stay at this casino again. The lack of care and respect in this place is offensive. This was our first and last time staying here. We will continue to go to hard rock and ocean where they show their guests respect and actually care about the rooms that they put their guests in.
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Maria Ciferni
1 則投稿
went to Bally's last night to the Carousel bar in the lobby. DJ, Johnny Loch was playing and had a blast. Great crowd. I got a Bally's casino card and will gamble there as long as I can go listen to Johnny Loch at the Carousel bar.
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jenny f
1 則投稿
2022年6月 • 家庭式
Ok where do I start …. I am not the one to complain and appreciate everything, however. We come many times this year we decided to stay at Ballys because of the renovations. The pool is STILL closed always told a different date, now it will be ready in 2023. My rooms refrigerator didn’t work, out of the 2 outlets only one port worked in each. I usually put the sign out for housekeeping not to come, I did this time on the next day bc i had little ones with me. 7 hours later I return to the room still the same. I called housekeeping to ask what did I do wrong I was told they didn’t have any linens and most of the rooms weren’t cleaned because of the linen shortage. Not sure how that correlates with towels, garbage and replenishing items. They said they would send someone up within an hour, so we left to come back to a pile of new towels on the bathroom sink next to the old ones trying to dry off. At 9am the alarms went off in our room and in the 40th floor, instructing us that there is an emergency in the building and to evacuate immediately.. many were scrambling in the halls including kids and seniors they were scared. I was helping them with luggage and their stuff to quickly leave while I’m trying to care for mine. To go to the lobby and see many people laughing not a worry in world and gambling we were confused as to the emergency we get no answer from front desk , security even MANAGEMENT saw us and said nope nothing. Not one apology!!! People weee in the pajamas terrified and management just walked into the elevator as if nothing occurred leaving the seniors standing in the lobby looking clueless in pjs!!! They are lucky none of them suffered any kind of attacks. No the alarms did NOT say this is a test.
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