Half-Day Tour of Salvador

Half-Day Tour of Salvador (薩爾瓦多)

Half-Day Tour of Salvador

Half-Day Tour of Salvador
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巴西Osasco11 則投稿
Salvador é linda mas fique sempre atento
2018年4月 • 好友旅行
A antiga história do Brasil está em muitas construções espalhadas por Salvador e a riqueza dos detalhes também retrata. Percorra a cidade munido de fones de ouvido que relatem a história verdadeira .
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Creusa C
巴西薩爾瓦多90 則投稿
Cidade Baixa ou Histórico
Um passeio seja de carro pela Cidade Baixa: Bombim, Ribeira, Monte Serra, Humaitá, Boa Viagem, Memorial irmã Dulce;
Seja o Tour H D Histórico com seus museus e igrejas,Pelourinho e Carmo etc.
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Jorge L
新普羅維登斯島拿騷2,580 則投稿
No se llega a ver muchas cosas en medio día
2014年12月 • 夫妻情侶
Hay que priorizar el Pelourinho en un half day city tour, pero se puede llegar a hacer también, o bien, Bomfin, o la zona costera, Mercado Modelo y el elevador.
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巴西薩爾瓦多125 則投稿
História e sempre informação importante
2015年1月 • 好友旅行
Passeio muito interessante através de locais históricos e de grande beleza da cidade de Salvador.
Não vá sozinho irá precisar de alguém para fazer as melhores fotos rs.
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巴西阿拉卡茹373 則投稿
boa atração
2015年1月 • 好友旅行
Boa oportunidade de conhecer melhor a cidade, com explicações dadas em fones de ouvido sobre as atrações. O ponto forte deste tour é o Pelourinho, onde estão diversas atrações.
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Jorge C
巴西福塔萊薩518 則投稿
Foi muitio legal Passat parte do dia conhecendo Salvador, o quis era bem legal é muito animado, conhecia bem a cidade de Salvador.
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Canada12 則投稿
Walking tour of historical Pelourinho with Nivaldo (of Luck Tours)
2013年7月 • 好友旅行
There was a lot more to see, but this walking tour was a great introduction (although we could skip many of the shopping opportunities). Nivaldo, who was our guide for several events, is great -- very informative, very intelligent, and a good singer to boot. He even pointed out the best drinks to get on the central (Pillory) place. (This drink was just about the best fruit drink I have ever had -- some sort of lime and coconut water concoction.) I find Pelourinho magical, and want to go back to explore it some more. Note that it is a good idea to carry smaller bills, and pay for things discreetly on the street (we had no problems at all ourselves, but folks we were doing business with seemed to prefer that).
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Palm Springs, CA55 則投稿
Salvador, Brazil City Bus Tour
2012年5月 • 單獨旅行
A dirty sewer hole City with a lot of history but full of broken sidewalks, packs of stray dogs wandering the streets, homeless sleeping in carboard boxes in front of buildings. Found only one passable restaurant. Horrible traffic, crazy taxi drivers who sped through intersections and didn't stop a stop signs. Nice enclosed shopping center. World Cup or Olympic stadium is under construction but sidewalks need a lot repair because they are all broken and full of holes. One can break a foot walking by neglecting to look downward while walking. City Tour Bus was ok but don't go on a week day because of traffic and you'll die from the heat if you sit on the second level. Not much to see either in the city. Avoid this city.
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Kanan A
澳洲8,856 則投稿
Don´t book the tour
2012年4月 • 夫妻情侶
The city lends itself very well to a half day self tour, without the need for a guide or tour group, where you will be shunted in and out of overpriced handcraft stores.
The main attractions of Salvador are all in the Pelourinho area, easily reached from the port if you are arriving by cruise ship.
Just take the elevator to the top of the hill, or, if you are so inclined you can take a taxi for a few real. From here you can wander around and easily spend a few hours in the small gift shops, galleries and museums, and take in the flavour of this dynamic historical centre.
Check out the Igreja Sao Francisco with its gold plated ceilings and fabulous ceramic tiled biblical depictions. Go back down the hill and spend half an hour at the Mercado Modello to buy your souvenirs before returning to your boat (or hotel).
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Peoria IL73 則投稿
Excellent service with Al Cruz in Manaus
2012年3月 • 夫妻情侶
Two couples planned a 2+ week trip to Brazil. We selected hotels based on location as well as trip advisor reviews. We made arrangements ahead of time for transfers from airport to hotels & we booked a 5-night cruise on the Amazon Premium Clipper.
I emailed the Manaus hotel re transfer arrangements & received the recommendation of manauscar.com. I emailed Al Cruz (al@manauscar.com) & got an immediate response. He has a 15-passenger van. We would have needed 2 taxis to get us anywhere w/ all our luggage & the small size of taxis. Al couldn't meet us at the airport, but one of his employees did & we talked to Al by phone - he wanted to assure us that everything was in order. He'd stopped by the hotel ahead of time to double check our reservations; he stopped by the hotel later that day to meet us. We used his service to take us to the Tropical Hotel where we started the cruise & 6 days later, to take us to the airport. Each time the driver was prompt & helpful, altho his English was limited. Al even came to the Tropical to see us at the end of the cruise. Meanwhile, another couple who'd been on the cruise was 'stood up' by their transfer company (2nd time it had happened to them in Brazil - no show) & were able to go w/ us to the airport. There is a set rate in Manaus for transfers: 58 reals from airport to hotel/city center; 58 reals from city center to Tropical Hotel; 58 reals from Tropical to airport. We paid 100 reals for each trip for the 4 of us. Al also does tours, but we had already decided what we wanted to see & could do that on foot on our own. His English is very good.
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