The Dunes Riding and Racing Stables

The Dunes Riding and Racing Stables (北角)

The Dunes Riding and Racing Stables

The Dunes Riding and Racing Stables


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Lily Wight
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Unbelievable experience
2019年12月 • 好友旅行
I've ridden at The Dunes four times because it truly is a wonderful place. The instructors and managers are very nice. The horses are so well trained and friendly. This experience is definitely one in a million. Every time I rode Asterix and he's such a gentleman, I love him. It was really living in the moment and feeling the horses hoof beats galloping in my heart. The instructor and I trotted and centered along the waves and galloped on the way back. It's the best feeling ever and I had tears in my eyes, it was so amazing and fun! Asterix enjoyed it and me too. After that he was really huffing and puffing, the big boy.🐴😂 The people are amazing and treat their horses just the way they should be treated, and still living their retired life with a few galloping moments on the beach. They're super well looked after and have the best nature. While we were trotting I had loose reins and Asterix was keeping his pace, same with cantering. For galloping I just picked up a little more contact and off we went, I had a huge smile on my face - there's absolutely no feeling quite like it! I also felt so safe galloping so fast, the instructor made sure it was fine and Asterix looked after me. I actually galloped for the first time in 2018 and now I love it. Can't wait to go there again. Bringing dem treats, too! Would definitely recommend The Dunes for a beach ride, they deserve it. I went twice solo and then twice with my a bit less experienced friend, and she was galloping at the back, she also loved it.
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Oh so beautiful
We saved this for our last day in South Africa and it did not disappoint. My son (7) was a bit scared to sit on a horse on his own so they popped him up in front of me and our daughter (5) was very happy and relaxed being lead out through the dunes and along the beach. Our guides were very kind and thoughtful and I would like to say a big thank you to them both. The beauty of our ride along the edge of the lapping waves is firmly ingrained in my memory and I go to it whenever it starts to rain or gets too dark and cold now back in England. It was the highlight of my daughter's trip to SA and one of the many highlights of mine. Thank you.
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Myriam F
意大利米蘭705 則投稿
Passeggiare in riva al mare
2019年8月 • 家庭式
Mia figlia sognava di cavalcare in riva al mare.
Avevamo trovato un altro maneggio, ma non avendo prenotato non c era posto e ci hanno indirizzato qui.
In realtà è una passeggiata tranquilla sulla spiaggia... ma poi ha potuto galoppare nel recinto
Danno tutta l attrezzatura, non hanno bancomat (non proprio economica, 60 euro cad)
Possono farlo anche persone alle prime armi.
Non abbiamo dovuto prenotare prima.
Merita sopratutto per il paesaggio.
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荷蘭阿姆斯特丹705 則投稿
Mooie paarden, fantastisch strand
2020年1月 • 好友旅行
Mooie manege, zeer vriendelijk ontvangst. Paarden zeer goed verzorgd. Noordhoek is een prachtig strand. Je gaat alleen stappen. Galloperen schijnt op noordhoek niet te mogen. Zeker een aanrader om te doen. Ook geschikt voor beginners. Begeleider sprak geen Engels maar was wel vriendelijk. We komen zeker weer terug.
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德國奧芬巴赫22 則投稿
Toller Austritt auf einmaligem Pferd
2019年12月 • 夫妻情侶
Die Kommunikation im Vorhinein war etwas holprig, deswegen bin ich einfach vorbeigegangen und innerhalb von 5 Minuten saß ich auf "Something Else" (kein Witz :D) und los gings. Der Ausritt mit Guide Said war sehr nett, er hat gute Anweisungen /Tipps gegeben. Es ging direkt an den Strand (der Hof liegt direkt hinter den Dünen). Am Wasser selbst ist leider gemäßigtes Tempo angesagt, aber am Ende hatten wir einen tollen Galopp auf der heimischen Rennstrecke. Das Pferd war super zu reiten, wenn auch nicht ganz einfach, habe mich aber gut aufgehoben gefühlt.
Alles in allem empfehle ich es allen, die reiten können und mal auf einem Rennpferd sitzen wollen an einem tollen Strand. Einen Stern Abzug gibt es für die schwierige Buchung im Voraus und 40 Euro für eine (gute) Stunde mit einem Galopp finde ich für südafrikanische Verhältnisse nicht unbedingt günstig. Aber dafür war ich alleine mit dem Guide, das ist wohl auch üblich.
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加拿大蒙特婁69 則投稿
Beautiful landscape
2019年1月 • 家庭式
Everything is there to live a magical moment; attractive scenery and crystal clear waters, healthy horse in a clean stable right beside the beach.
We did back and forth by walk on the beach. The horses follow each other... they follow the guider. We asked our guider if we could do some trotting pace but the guider seems disinterested.
Unfortunately our guider looks like he did not want to do the tour, not even a smile, no talking at all, completely annoyed.... it makes our ride very boring and uncomfortable. Perhaps the view was breathtaking and my family was smiling and happy! If we had a different guider I would rated this place a 5stars.
We met the owner after our riding tour and he was very friendly/nice person....

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Kim J
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Absolut nicht empfehlenswert!
2019年5月 • 單獨旅行
Der Ritt war ok, würde es allerdings nicht unbedingt Anfängern empfehlen, man reitet ehemalige Rennpferde, die durchaus etwas Zug haben.
Wirklich geschockt aber hat mich dass das Pferd des Guides eine riesige Wunde unter dem Sattel hatte, die durch den Ritt neu aufgescheuert wurde. Absolutes No-go!
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Sarah M
加拿大渥太華20 則投稿
Friendly Peope, relaxing atmosphere
2018年12月 • 好友旅行
This was a great way to spend a few hours to get away from the hustle and bustle of Cape town. Mike and his wife were lovely and so accommodating. The horses are well trained and are former race horses that would have otherwise had no purpose. The only frustrating thing is that the horses have preferences of which horses they will ride with. My friend and I were placed on horses where mine needs to be at the front and his needs to be at the very back. We were basically separated for the entire ride. If you go, ask in advance to be on horses where you can be beside each other!
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Maria H
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Really bad experience
2018年10月 • 夫妻情侶
when you want to take a horseback ride you want to know the aninal and realize it, both for those who know and for those who do not know how to ride.
You do not feel or learn anything in this place. you climb upon a machine for the horse because the saddles are but and do not withstand the traditional way. the ranger himself does not know how to ride, he spent all his time pulling the reins on the horse, in which he spent all his time with his head stretched out so uncomfortably. at the beginning I tried to talk to my husband to explain how he rode and told him to feel comfortable to stop, they would not let me talk to him and they told him not to do it. later they wanted to gallop, how are you going to gallop if you do not even know how to stop the horse? You are a one hour walk with the horses in a row in which they do everything the first one does and if you want to do it with your own will the horse does not like it and starts jumping, that's what happened to mine when I tried to have independence from the ”queue Indian”.
The owners are arrogant and the tour is very expensive, even more so for what it is.
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Mixed experience
2018年9月 • 家庭式
Overall i feel the website over promise and under deliver. A serine and exciting picture are painted and If you are inexperience and you only want to walk along the beach, you will love it and have bragging rights that you rode a race horse. My 13 year old daughter with a smallish build and who can ride quite well ,enjoyed the experience but only by breaking their rules and taking a gallop or two on the beach otherwise she would have been completely bored, although the 17 to 21 year old ex race horses disappointed on their speed. As an adult rider , I found the small racing saddle gives way too little support and stability for me to canter comfortably, ending up walking the distance only with a bit of a trot hear and there. The entire trip was only an hour, while the promise was for 90 minutes. If I compare my riding experience at Botlierskop near Mossel Bay, it is chalk and cheese. Hospitably, comfortable and suitable saddles, duration of trip, focus on complete customer experience and service, I would much rather go there in future. Like many a riding place unfortunitely, I get the impression that they are doing you as client a favor by letting you ride their horses, and the only reason they allow you is because they need your money to keep the stables going.
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