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Meerkat Magic
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南非克尼斯納160 則投稿
What a great experience
This was a highlight during our break away in Oct 2020. The guide are so well trained with loads of knowledge. What a great way to start the day. Well worth it.
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3 則投稿
Tour fiel wegen Regen aus
Leider regnete es und deshalb wurde die Tour kurzfristig um kurz nach 4 Uhr morgens abgesagt. Allerdings nur per E-Mail, welche wir aber nicht geprüft hatten. Per SMS/whatsapp wäre wünschenswert gewesen, aber wir haben sofort und ungefragt den bereits gezahlten Betrag auf die credit card gutgeschrieben erhalten - Danke dafür.
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Claes W
瑞典Boras324 則投稿
What an experience👍👏
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侶
This was one of the kind experience we had on our trip to SA. We have been on 14 Safari’s, seen all Big Five, all Small Five and also the ugly five, and this one was the most funny one. Much because our wonderful young guide who made a great work togheter with his colleagues. Thanks for some really nice hours.
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28 則投稿
Amazing Experience
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侶
Be prepared to be up early as you need to meet before sunset, but it's worth every minute.

We were quite lucky this morning as we didnt have to wait too long before the Meerkats woke up and came out to play.

You need to be patient with this trip, they are living in their natural habitat and they do as they please so I can imagine some mornings they will come out quickly, some mornings you may have to wait around and just see what happens, the company cant predict how they will act that morning.

Such a worth while experience we saw all the babies (2 months old) today play fighting and going by their normal day. After a while they started to leave their burrow we was given the option to follow and move closer but we chose to leave after an hour so they could continue on with their day.

I would highly suggest a visit, make sure you read your emails carefully as you have to confirm you are attending once you have booked. Our guide was great, very useful information and comical.

Rememberable experience.
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瑞士Zofingen1,933 則投稿
Tolles Erlebnis
2019年11月 • 夫妻情侶
Bei uns hiess es um 5.15 Uhr am Treffpunkt zu sein. Müde gingen wir etwa 300 Meter zum Ort und pünktlich um 6 Uhr sahen wir das erste Erdmännchen. Der Guide gab spannende Inputs in das Leben dieser Tiere. Klar die Tour ist ein wenig teuer, aber wenn sie günstiger wäre, dann würden noch mehr gehen wollen.
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Peter S
26 則投稿
Could watch these amazing creatures all day
A very early start before sunrise but worth every minute of lost sleep.

Fascinating to learn about the meerkats and their habits.

We watched as they slowly emerged and started their day, they are so cute. The way they keep watch for dangers, as a group, was fascinating.

Thoroughly enjoyable
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南非阿多2 則投稿
Schöne Tour, aber viel zu teuer
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侶
Wir haben dieses Jahr in Oudtshoorn die Erdmännchen-Tour gemacht. Die Tour war nett und der Guide auch freundlich, jedoch aus unserer Sicht ist diese Tour viel zu teuer!!! 👎
Der Aufwand für den Veranstalter (außer die Führung und Kaffee/ Tee bereitstellen) ist gleich 0. Mit ca. 37€ zu viel Geld für diese Tour!
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德國明斯特30 則投稿
Erdmännchen Tour vom Feinsten.
Selten hat uns eine Tour so viel Spaß gemacht.
Morgens um 6:15 h Treffen bei Kaffee und Keksen, dann Klappstühle nehmen , ca 300 m ins Gelände laufen , hinsetzen und warten .
Zuerst ein meerkat , dann zwei usw.
Phantastisch. Man sitzt da und grinst, lächelt und vergisst fast das fotografieren.
Die Guides sind klasse . Wissen viel ,sind witzig und können auf jede Frage antworten.

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John R
英國倫敦72 則投稿
Great experience
This was a wonderful experience seeing the Meerkats really close up. The Ranger who supervised was helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommended despite the early start
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英國Widegates5 則投稿
Magical experiance
What a great activity. You are there before sunrise to be greeted by the owners/staff with hot drinks. A briefing is then followed by a short walk to the Meercat site (they are wild animals and the location does move). You sit waiting for the sun to rise and the fist Meercats to show themselves. Magical when you see the first one.

Throughout the guide was very informative and the obvious depth of their knowledge was there to be seen.

Absolutely 10/10 for this one for me, I would happily go back every time.
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