Wet Republic夜店
Wet Republic夜店
上午11:00 - 下午5:00
上午11:00 - 下午5:00
上午11:00 - 下午5:00
上午11:00 - 下午5:00
上午11:00 - 下午5:00
上午11:00 - 下午5:00

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周圍地區: Paradise
  • MGM Grand Station • 步行 5 分鐘

570 則評論

阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯305 則投稿
Es una de las mejores Pool partys que fue en las vegas (aunque hay poca sombra si no alquilas las carpas). Mucha gente, buena atención y hasta podes ver DJ muy conocidos!
Super divertido!
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英國圖克斯伯里63 則投稿
Arrived at the venue early, the door staff were rude and arrogant, the layout was confusing and not well managed, received two stamps on arm and a ticket to get in.. why?! Had to be searched twice as we didn’t collect the ticket, even though it was quiet, had to spend $20 putting my bag in.
Finally got into the pool area and went to the bar, staff polite but the drinks costs are ridiculous for pre mixed cocktails.
Worst thing was the pool, it was so disgusting we left as soon as we finished our drinks, hair, skin and other horrible looking things floating in there.
Honestly don’t waste your money!
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1 則投稿
We were really looking forward to this pool party, but unfortunately, it was not enjoyable at all.
There were far too many people for such a small venue, meaning there was barely any space in the pools, no where to sit down and no real way of cooling down. Drinks and food were also extortionate. Avoid.
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Steph W
1 則投稿
We had an amazing time. Until we checked our MasterCard statement. We bought and signed for one bottle of Tito's for around $1000CAN and they charged my MasterCard $5300.00CAN. When leaving they did not give me a receipt. Therefore, making it very hard to get my money back. BE CAREFUL when signing off, and take pictures of every thing you sign incase they don't give you a receipt. As I tell people this story, I'm finding multiple people have also had the same experience.
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Rocky Friz
西維吉尼亞州Bridgeport89 則投稿
Our family enjoyed two full days at the MGM Wet Republic Pool. We rented two cabanas and two sun beds. Our cabana server was Joey. He was personable, friendly, timely and accurate with every single food and drink order and attentive to every request. MGM should clone Joey and they would rule the hospitality industry. I told Joey at the end of our stay, the kind of quality he demonstrated motivates me to return to Las Vegas and the MGM.

I almost removed one star for the second Cabana Server (Brad) who was completely indifferent to our family, not attentive, failed to deliver drink orders and he was as unfriendly as can be to every one of our family members. MGM needs to reassign Brad to a role that does not involve interacting with guests.

The entire Wet Republic (all of the pools, chairs, sun beds and cabanas) including the Lazy River were clean, inviting, well-maintained and nicely landscaped. The entire facility included plenty of life guards who were on top of things and kept everyone safe and in-line.

Parents: Warning, the DJs played mostly rap and hip-hop with few (if any) diversions to other genres. This translated to F-Bomb every 5 minutes in your lyrics (no embellishment here) and the music selection throughout the entire day is just pure crap since they stick to only one genre.
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1 則投稿
The people at the bar were very nice but the bouncers were the most inconsiderate and rude people I've ever came across. One actually said he needs the space and bumped me out of the way (I am a 110lb woman). They yelled at my husband who was just waiting for me to get out of the restroom. If you are not doing bottle service or reserving a table be sure that nobody will care about you and will treat you badly even if you are just minding your business and not drunk at all. Go to Encore beach club, they are really nice and the bouncer will treat you better, not like you are disturbing them.
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華盛頓州Lakewood6 則投稿
Drinks are expensive, but just do it and enjoy it! Its a pool party!! You don't need a cabana, or a day bed or anything. Just grab a place by the pool side and mingle and enjoy yourself!! Soooo Fun!!!
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Kurt K
1 則投稿
This will be a long and truthful review of Wet Republic.
First off I would like to start by saying the venue is beautiful, and our waiter named Julian had impeccable service.
Now, let's begin: Our day pool club experience at Wet Republic.
We went in as a party of 8. We bought one of the cheaper tables ~$2000 min. table.
Our experience started off great. Our host Daario brought us up to our table, and passed us off to our waitress Jess, and waiter (or Jess's assistant) Julian.
We started off by ordering a typical $1300 bottle (yes this is what you pay for the large sized bottle). But this was expected.
What we didn't expect was for our waitress to constantly push us to finish our drinks so that she could refill them.
Jess was very pushy and it was uncomfortable at times. We get it, she is trying to make money, this is her job.
But, I think she could've acted more like a waitress rather than a saleswomen.
Next, Jess began to push us to order more bottles, so we did.
Our friend's birthday was this past week so we celebrated it as well, Jess INSISTED that we do a champagne spray, so we did.
One thing lead to another and we ended up ordering another bottle when we only wanted beer or claw buckets.
The worst part is, after all the drinking a security guard or bouncer with a low self-esteem begins to attack us verbally stating that one of us needs to be kicked out for being belligerent. No second chances, no excuses, nothing. The bouncer didn't even look at my face as I was trying to rectify the issue. I wish I could've caught his name.
At this time, as he is forcing my friend to leave. We are aruging, stating that we've paid all this money for this table we don't want to leave.
As that is all going on Jess comes and begins giving us our check, not even advocated for our side. She calculates tip for us, and everything as fast as she can to get us out so that someone else could fill our table.
Our bill came out to $5800. Then we left.
Yes we are responsible for ourselves, and blame ourselves greatly for all of it.
Hopefully some people who are going to wet republic read my review and be cautious. Do not let the waitress's pressure you into anything. You are there for a good time, not to pay a down payment on a house.
Did we enjoy our time, yes, but it was ruined by the bouncer's pride and Jess's saleswomen tendencies.
To conclude, I will probably never visit this place ever again, and it sucks because we have heard many good things about wet republic prior to our first visit.
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紐約州布魯克林115 則投稿
Awesome pool party at MGM Grand that you can do a lot of thing with. Party your way to the lifestyle of kings and queens Vegas has to offer
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Kent B
Pine City, Minnesota, United States91 則投稿
We saw Zedd at Wet republic over EDC Weekend and it was OK. I would say if there is a performer here that you must see do it but if you are just going to a pool party Encore Beach club has Wet beat hands down.
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