Rockaway Brewing Company

Rockaway Brewing Company (長島市)

Rockaway Brewing Company

Rockaway Brewing Company
少於 1 小時
  • Vernon Boulevard – Jackson Ave • 步行 7 分鐘
  • 21st St – Queensbridge • 步行 8 分鐘

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Daniel B
紐約州紐約市419 則投稿
Местная пивоварня
Живу рядом, но даже понятия не имел, что рядом есть такая пивоварня. Сегодня посетил и купил там разливной американский пилзнер. Вкус довольно мягкий, цвет здоровый. В целом неплохо, но есть куда стремится. Обязательно посещу эту пивоварню снова.
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Matt B
加拿大哈利法克斯305 則投稿
Great beer and atmosphere
2019年7月 • 夫妻情侶
The LIC location of Rockaway Brewing was a pleasant surprise. There was plenty of seating when we went on Tuesday evening and we had a table where we played connect four. The brewery was dog friendly. The beer itself was good and they had a decent selection. I recommend making a visit here if you cannot get out to their flagship location.
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Trina H
科羅拉多州丹佛14 則投稿
Birthday Weekend in NYC
Loved this small but awesome brewery! Great beer selection and friendly people. Loved the location of the place and it was easy to find for a visitor!
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28 則投稿
Great beer
2019年3月 • 單獨旅行
Beer was great. Service wasn't so hot. Pretty busy to just have one server on. Cute place though. Just my style.
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Alan B
英國盧頓125 則投稿
Craft Beer
2018年9月 • 單獨旅行
Was doing the rounds after visiting a few sites, and was very pleased with the Rockaway. A nice small tap room filled with great people and great beer, well worth a visit.
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Jamina On Tour
比利時Hulste381 則投稿
Friendly people, nice food!
2018年8月 • 好友旅行
A friend advised me to come here to get a snack. They have tacos, guacamole, corn and some other stuff. We started talking and these people are the friendliest ever! The person who opened the place is Mexican and really knows what he's doing.
There space to sit inside and outside where you can have a drink. Take away is also possible.
Just pass by and enjoy!
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英國布里斯托206 則投稿
Five Star Brewery
2018年5月 • 好友旅行
Medium sized tap room with quality beer selection. A flight is a must... think I managed to try every one of the beers during the evening. Great host in Mischa and loved the resident cat!
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紐約州紐約市3,592 則投稿
Ambience, great beers
2018年7月 • 夫妻情侶
Small space but really cool. The outer walls have murals. The bar area is nice and very low key. Enough of local craft beers. Went on July 4th afternoon and it had a good amount of clients celebrating the holiday. Nice staff.
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Steve T
紐約州Sayville566 則投稿
Good Stop But Nothing Over The Top
2018年6月 • 夫妻情侶
We've been here before and I enjoyed many of their brews and as that I was in the area I dropped back in. They have some really good brews but, the overall experience was not really noteworthy. That is no reflection of the person serving behind the counter, she was very friendly and accommodating. They offer 8 different beers and the tastings include 4 for 11 dollars. There is also a cider for choosing. I've been to probably over 50 different small batch breweries. What separates the better from the rest is 3 criteria in my opinion. First, the taste of the beers; Rockaway meets that challenge, they do have some really good taps; the ESB (their flagship) is a smooth taste slightly hoppy ale, and the '1875' a citrus infused pale ale. My next hurdle is service. The young woman behind the counter was very friendly as I previously stated, but the place was far from crowded (there were only 3 other patrons), so engage me into your establishment. Ask me my tastes, tell me your favorite, give me some history of the establishment. Otherwise, your the same as a bar I visit once and order a drink and then leave. Make me feel that you're happy I chose your place to stop in. Trust me it will go a long way. In this category, I offer a somewhat okay. Third on my list is ambiance.. I am a simple man, I don't need to be wowed from a glitzy tasting room (call me skeptical, I always feel those places are hiding behind the facade) Rockaway is that gritty brewery, where you can see the facility from the bar... no smoke.. no mirrors. They put it simple..this is our place...this is our brews...I respect that. They've been here for a while and maybe I was there on an 'off' day but, as good as the brews may be personality sells more than your realize. There are no 3 and a half ratings but, they are closer to a four rating.
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紐約州紐約市153 則投稿
it's decent
Decent, small, no food. Made through the beer selection in less than a half hour. Nice flight sand small pours selection. Staff is friendly. Nice place to stop on the Queens beer tour.
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