Vista Sky Lounge

Vista Sky Lounge (長島市)

Vista Sky Lounge

  • 39th Ave • 步行 4 分鐘
  • Queensboro Plaza • 步行 8 分鐘

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紐約州Mount Kisco37 則投稿
We drove down from Northern Westchester, scooped up my mom and found this rooftop restaurant on the East River overlooking the 59th St Bridge and city skyline. Our reservation was for 7, timed for sunset and night lights. We were seated immediately; the cocktails were delicious and so were the grilled octopus and fig salad. My entree steak was very good, hubby's chicken kabob the star of the evening, mom's seafood pasta was fine, nothing special. Don't bother with the side of grilled vegetables- five slices of zucchini. The place is small and was packed on a Tuesday night, but comfortably so in Covid times. We got a garage for parking and had to walk a few blocks. It's a working class Queens neighborhood, a bit deserted and dark on our walk back after din, but nothing that worried this Queens girl. We will go back, but during the week; as we all got the idea it might get a bit too loud and wild on weekends for us-I was celebrating my 60th there and could not have asked for a more perfect evening out~
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紐約州Maspeth1 則投稿
2021年6月 • 家庭式
LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS. In reality I was expecting much more than what we actually experienced. This place got overbooked, and must be this the reason of poor service, delays and bad quality food. Social distance was violated, specially when a reservation and a contract was made for an event and end up getting squeezed and mixed up with the rest of the public.
"The contract" for my family event that was violated by the manager from the very beginning, since puntuality was not guarantee and as a result last minute surprises and delays. Elevator and bathroom are horrible experience as well. In regards the price ITS PRICELY WHEN YOU ACTUALLY PAYED FOR A SERVICE, BUT HAD GUESTS LEFT WITHOUT HAVING DINNER AND DESSERT. Not a pleasant environment eventhough the view is absolutely beautiful. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE. My family event celebration was ruined by their unprofessional service.
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Almira G
8 則投稿
(Wedding May 2021)

THEY ARE AMAZING and YES THE BEST EVER!! I can't thank them enough!! shout out to MIKE, BILL and PATRICK. They are easy to work with and accommodate our requests. They are very patient with us and really attend to our needs. They are the type of people that really love what the do, they really want to help you and please you and they are really passionate about their work.

The Venue: from the rooftop to the penthouse, it is amazing, Manhattan skyline! we fell in love with the place the first time we saw it! need I say more?

The Food: there are lots of choices! guests loved it! from appetizers to desserts! yummy!

The Staff: as I said I can't them enough! MIKE and BILL, a million thanks! from planning to the day itself you've been hands on, from small things such as linen colors to letting us putting our stuff the night before and letting us set-up (thanks Patrick), to putting my wedding bouquet in the kitchen refrigerator, to bringing us food in the Bridal suit because we can't make it to Cocktail hour, to bringing us food on our table during the wedding day so we don't need to stand up and go to the buffet, to having us some food to go, to checking up on us every time if we need something (we really appreciate you Bill). May God bless you all!! We highly recommend this place!!
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Jesus A
紐約州伍德賽德4 則投稿
2021年5月 • 好友旅行
One of the worst experience!!!
We wait hour and 20min for and appetizers and they even forgot the fries!!!!??
2 bottles and a few drinks later we finally got the maincourse......
I do NOT recomend this place at all
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Christopher S.
21 則投稿
Due to the current pandemic, wifey wanted to try a rooftop restaurant for her birthday. So I did my research and read some good reviews about Vista Sky Lounge. Street parking was a bit of an issue. We read somewhere that the valet parking is only for private events. Well, we made sure we got there on time for our evening reservation. They do have a 20 minute grace period by the way. So if you are running should give them a call to let them know. I had spoken to Regina (when I thought we would be late) and she was so helpful!

Once we got to the penthouse, the view of the city was AMAZING. Our reservation was for 7:30 pm and there was still light outside. We were waiting for it to get darker to truly take in the spectacular view.  

Our table was ready and waiting for us. So there was no standing around waiting for an available seat. The host was polite and greeted us with a nice smile. The music was upbeat and a little loud (but not overwhelming) since there were three birthday parties going on at the same time. These parties had their own sections.
Now for the food and drinks. As for the appetizers...we had the lobster mac and cheese was was DELICIOUS. The calamari with marinara sauce was just ok. We should have asked for tartar sauce. 

As for the entree...I had the Prime Tagliata NY Strip Steak with truffle fries. I had ordered the steak medium well and it was perfect. I have to get used to the truffle fries. It was just ok for me. Wifey got the Wild Scottish Salmon with the rice pilaf. She had LOVED the salmon, but did not like the rice pilaf. She felt that it didn't taste that fresh. She would not order the rice pilaf again. Next time she will ask them to switch it for something else.

Now the wife made fun of me since her drink was stronger than my tropical fruity drink. The more and more I had tasted her drink..the more upset I got with myself lol. Hey..I love the color blue. So I chose the Ocean Blue drink that had coconut rum, blue curacao, cream of coconut & pineapple juice (and can't forget the pineapple). Don't get me was very tasty....but it's more suitable to drink this when you're laid out at the beach. Now wifey's drink was the strong Skyline that had whiskey, amaretto di Saronno, pineapple and oj (and can't forget the cherry). 
A festive place like this...we would come back and basically order a bunch of appetizers, some drinks and take in the beautiful view. We WILL be back with some friends!!
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意大利西西里大區223 則投稿
2019年12月 • 好友旅行
La forza di questo locale è una vista spettacolare sullo skyline di Manhattan. Il rooftop è attrezzato con degli igloo riscaldati per ripararsi da pioggia o neve (come nel mio caso). Consigliato se si alloggia in zona.
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Nafisa K
1 則投稿
2020年8月 • 好友旅行
Roberto was very helpful and accommodating to our requests. In the beginning we had to change tables because we were at the owner’s table apparently but he made it better and made the experience worthwhile.
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1 則投稿
Gran descubrimiento, a dos cuadras del hotel donde parábamos en Long Island City. Lo elegimos para cenar nuestra última noche en NY. La terraza no está en un piso muy alto, sin embargo la vista de Manhattan es increíble. La atención excelente, la comida muy rica y el precio moderado. Muy recomendable.
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1 則投稿
2018年12月 • 好友旅行
Went there New Year’s Eve party of 6 ordered our food at 10:56pm didn’t get it till 12:05am food was cold , at the end the waiter wasn’t sure how to do a split payment with cards & cash so some one had to walk him through NEVER AGAIN !!! AVOID AVOID !!!!!!!!
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意大利羅馬54,945 則投稿
Bel roof top dal quale si può ammirare un bel panorama di Manhattan dal tranquillo Queens , praticamente alle spalle di Roosvelt Island e del Queensboro Bridge. Se siete in zona vale la pena venirci , altrimenti rimane un po’ lontano da Manhattan.
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