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New York275 則投稿
A great place to see a show. We were seated in the balcony, but had no issues watching the show. Good views from any seat.

HT might want to start letting people in earlier than 1 hour if they can't process everyone in an hour. It was a bit disrupting for people to have to be seated for up to 20-30 minutes after the show started.
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馬里蘭州巴爾的摩88 則投稿
2022年9月 • 夫妻情侶
The Hershey Theater is a beautiful, old theater built during the Great Depression. It is so beautiful it truly adds to the experience of any show seen here. For those with mobility issues, there are no elevators.For the ladies, be aware purses larger than 5”x 8” are not allowed.And yes, someone is checking. We saw many women getting out of line to take their purses to their car. Sadly some made it all the way to the metal detector point before being denied access. This info is not on the website. It did however, show up in an email regarding the event which many women, myself including apparently did not read.
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Adam M
賓夕法尼亞州Middletown199 則投稿
Excellent venue to see a show. Have been coming here for many, many years. Have seen travelling Broadway shows, musicals, comedians. It is gorgeous inside, very old building. If you have a chance to see a show at this historic theater, do it. I do think the seats could use some refurbishment though. Even the Orchestra seats are a bit worn and not terribly comfortable.
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馬里蘭州Odenton32 則投稿
This theater, while beautiful, is not a good destination for senior citizens. The website cautions to arrive early because of the security protocol. However, we were told that the performers dictate when the doors into the seating area may be opened. So getting there early only ensures that you will get through security among the first arrivals. You then get to stand in the lobby. Later arrivals must wait outside in the elements. There is no canopy to shield you from rain, snow or wind. This is difficult and painful for anyone with hip, knee or foot issues.

The ticket window and the Will Call windows are on opposite sides of the entryway. Since we do not have a smartphone my husband called the box office for guidance. We were told to bring a copy of the ticket confirmation email (which did not include a QRC). We were bounced from window to window to get printed tickets. BOTH windows should have that capacity.

The security involves going through a metal detector. Keys and cellphones must be put into a small plastic basket and passed down the side of the metal detector on a table. Purses and bags are peered into, using a light, by a security officer.

The facility does not have an elevator. This information is on the website. Given the long amount of time necessarily spent standing, the facility's reliance on the use of cellphones for ticketing and the lack of an elevator makes this a poor choice for seniors or the infirm. We will not return.
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賓夕法尼亞州卡萊爾117 則投稿
My wife and I went there for the first time on February 28 to see a performance of Bandstand (a musical). I have an appreciation for architecture, and this place is a real gem. It dates back to the early 1930s and has been beautifully restored. Nothing like sitting on mohair upholstered seats and enjoying fabulous acoustics. It would be too costly to build today and there are few craftsman around that could handle the fine building finishes. We are eager to go back there!
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賓夕法尼亞州蘭卡斯特214 則投稿
Excellent regional theatre venue! Historic, professional productions, and the staff is very helpful in every way. Highly recommended!
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Jan P
維珍尼亞費爾法克斯1,794 則投稿
My friends and I saw "Once On This Island" at this theatre. It is one of those majestic theaters built in the 1930s. We found the seats to be comfortable and very inviting. Nice venue for any type of performance.
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賓夕法尼亞州好時58 則投稿
2019年11月 • 好友旅行
A performance at the theater is worth the visit. It hosts top notch performances in a beautiful and historic venue in the heart of Hershey. All seats appear to be good ones, but beware, there is no elevator, so if steps are a problem, do not select balcony seats.
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賓夕法尼亞州漢諾威20 則投稿
I tried to order tickets for the Beach Boys...Only way you can get them is through a mobile device. Ok for younger generation...not so great for my in laws that don't have smart phones!!! Tried to call---NO ONE WOULD ANSWER. Horrible customer service!!
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Hello, we are sorry to hear you had trouble ordering tickets and reaching our Box Office. All tickets can be purchased online through a computer or mobile device, or you can visit the Hershey Theatre Box Office. We no longer accept phone orders to provide maximum security of all credit card information.
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Randall M
2 則投稿
2019年11月 • 家庭式
Excellent venue and performance! We sat in the Loge area, which was a wonderful view of the stage . The staff was friendly and helpful with finding your seat or assisting with any questions.
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