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Playa Hermosa


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英國倫敦49 則投稿
2022年3月 • 好友旅行
Beautiful beach that has unfortunately been spoiled by being owned by a resort. It’s a minimum 30 min drive from San Juan del Sur and you have to pay entry to the beach. Once there, there are no bars or restaurants so you have to eat/drink etc at the hotel restaurant. Menu is exclusively bland Western food, pizza etc. Not a great atmosphere. Playa Maderas has great surf, fun bars and deckchairs to rent - go here over Hermosa for sure. Hopefully new places open up at Hermosa as it has so much potential!
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10 則投稿
2021年12月 • 好友旅行
Great beach. Quick cab from SJDS - there is an entrance fee (2.00 usd ish) we had the whole beach to ourselves in the morning.
Small lovely hotel on beach has food and drink to purchase. Also, one seasoning of Survivor was filmed on this beach (for fans!)
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Roberta Scott
19 則投稿
Absolutely fantastic and pristine beach. I also loved all the cabanas and the hammocks. The cocktails and smoothies were all wonderful and we rented some boogie boards and flippers and had a blast!
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Drew S
哥斯達黎加Playa Ocotal13 則投稿
We have attempted to visit the beach on two separate occasions and they have been closed both times. I did not know that you could close a "public" beach?? The guardians of the gate are clueless as to why you cannot go to a public beach and will give you the most absurd answers. Be careful planning on visiting this beach as it seems like they open or close whenever they feel like it. I've heard about how nice the beach here is, but never have been granted the ability to visit it. For now, because of the randomness of the open and close schedule I would avoid trying to go there!
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華盛頓州西雅圖129 則投稿
We have a B&B in SJDS (Villa Arcadia), so we know all the beaches. Playa Hermosa is where I take families who are just visiting for the day. Town to beach, it is about 30 min drive. In the rainy season you may need 4x4, as the last 15 minutes are down a rough road. There are also shuttles from town for about $5.

The beach is public, but the access is private. You pay a nominal fee per person to get into Hermosa (included if you go by shuttle). You cannot bring your own food and beverages, you must order from the on-site restaurant. The prices are a little steep for Nicaragua, but the trade off is that they have decent facilities to use (hammocks, picnic tables, showers, shaded seating, flush bathrooms, etc). The beach is long and wide, ideal for both wading and surfing. Hermosa also has a hotel and spa services, but in the past year I have never seen the spa open (times are slow). All in all, a comfortable place to take families and visitors for a brief introduction to SJDS.
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Bob N
29 則投稿
This is known as the Survivor Beach. The show Survivor has been filmed there on 2 separate instances. Although there is a $3.00 usd cost per person, it is well worth the entrance fee. Beach is clean and over one mile long. It has palapas available on a first come basis with picnic tables. Bar area is comfortable. Prices are reasonable given the location and setting.
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Martina K
捷克共和國布拉格11 則投稿
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侶
Our most favorite beach in SJDS area. Long sandy beach with gentle vawes and great facilities (even showers) provided by Eco Lodge and local restaurant.Lot of hammocks, large sitting area in a shade. There is something so calming about this place.Three dollars entrance is worthy.
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尼加拉瓜La Laguna de Apoyo624 則投稿
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侶
La playa Hermosa est à une dizaine de kilomètres de San Juan del Sur. Nous y sommes allés en voiture ( normale), il faut payer l’accès 3 dollars / pers. La route non goudronnée ( comme souvent au Nicaragua) est vraiment agréable à travers la forêt, on voit de nombreux singes. On arrive à un lodge où la plage est équipée de douche, de hamacs, tables, transats... il y a également un restaurant. La plage est grandiose, une vue sur les pélicans plongeant pour attraper leur nourriture.
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Suzanne M
加拿大加蒂諾4 則投稿
belle plage longue bien entretenue. bonnes vagues pour sufeurs qui n'empechent pas les baigneuers.presentent tous les services; chaises longues, sites ombrages,location planche de surf, boogie board, restauration/bar, douches, toilettes.
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Jonatan Yampolsky
阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯22 則投稿
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侶
Como lo dice su nombre, es hermosa y muy bien cuidada.
La única Olaya que he ido que hay que pagar para entrar en san juan del Sur
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