La Flor Beach Natural Reserve

La Flor Beach Natural Reserve (南聖胡安)

La Flor Beach Natural Reserve

La Flor Beach Natural Reserve
海灘 • 自然和野生動物區


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Piyush P
英國Dagenham2 則投稿
2022年1月 • 夫妻情侶
The whole trip and service from both Rosa and the driver was incredible. Firstly we were running late and Rosa not only waited for us, but also offered us to get drinks and snacks as she was aware we had been rushing.

When we got to la flor we were one of the only tourists there and got to release hundreds of newly hatched turles. Rosa and the driver didn’t rush us at all, we waited until all the turtles had reached the sea, and gave additional help to the ones struggling.

She also took photos of us and was very proactive about giving us a good experience.

We also went off season so Irvin was very proactive about finding out and contacting us when we could go.

Could not recommend more.
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愛爾蘭戈爾韋郡160 則投稿
I touched a beautiful sea turtle while she lay her eggs. There was a tear in her eye it was so beautiful! I stayed the night in a hammock with a flashlight on the beach and I mst have seen at least 20 turtles but that was my greatest experience. I would definitely go back but with my significant pother because there were military on the beach and one guy tried to kiss me it was SO weird he was hiding in the tree where my hammock was and when I got back he swung down like a monkey onto my hammock but his supervisor punished him and protected me the rest of the night.
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6 則投稿
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侶
If you go at night, they sometimes have baby turtles to release. It was amazing to see them head out on their own.
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Nicaragua650 則投稿
大量にウミガメが産卵に来るビーチは世界に7か所しかなく、ニカラグアにはうち2か所あるそうです。そのひとつがここLa Florビーチ。ツアーで来ました。個人でも来れますが現場に常駐する観光客向けのガイドはいないようなので、ツアーに参加してツアーのガイドに説明してもらうのが正解と思います。行った日は数は多くなかったですが十分に楽しめました。見たことなかったら、おすすめです。
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Didier M
法國翁熱16 則投稿
2019年12月 • 好友旅行
Nous arrivons vers 16:30. Un type prend nos noms et immatriculation du véhicule au parking. Nous montons des marches pour nous retrouver avec deux personnes assises autour d'une table occupées à regarder leur téléphone. L'une des deux nous indique que l'on peut allez se balader sur la plage et revenir vers 18h00, lorsque les touristes viendront pour relâcher les petites tortues (sic) et nous indiquent un panier au sol où se débattent 6 bébés toutes nées du jour. Elles font vraiment pitié ainsi.
Aller se balader sans guide sur une plage qui est sensée être une réserve (au risque de piétiner des nids) ne nous semblant pas être une bonne idée, nous filons nous baigner à la playa Coco pour revenir à 18:00.
Cette fois-ci, l'accueil est composé de 4 types débraillés qui jouent aux cartes (et deux dans des hamacs) qui n'ont visiblement rien à faire de notre présence. Après un moment d'attente, et que on leur demande ce qu'il se passe ici, ils commencent à brailler pour appeler un homme. Il se pointe au bout d' un moment pour nous dire demander le droit d'entrée (8 dollars US/pers.) qui nous donnera le droit de relâcher les pauvres petites tortues, point barre. Pas de tortues à espérer ce soir d'après lui( ou pas envie d'attendre).
Il nous semble alors évident que les petites tortues servent juste de justification pour racketter les touristes en jouant sur la corde sensible. Ne parlons pas de protection de l'environnement!
Nous décidons de partir, on en assez vu. Les types continuent de jouer aux cartes. Quand aux petites tortues, bonne chance....
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11 則投稿
2019年9月 • 單獨旅行
The experience to see the arribadas in La Flor (the night when I visited the beach we had about 8.000 turtles) was incredible. I'm fascinated by turtles, have worked in different conservation projects with them and know the "rules". Staff there is super nice, they're happy to explain you more about this wonderful animal. You may even be invited to collect and/ or release some baby turtles. Make sure they give you some gloves to do that.

But... The only thing they'll tell you when paying your entrance fee is that you are only allowed to use red light (because turtles will feel disturbed by white light and might return to the ocean). No information about not being in front of a turtle, no warning that you should always look for hatchlings before making a step. Small groups with up to 5 people don't even need a guide. From my perspective, it's a shame since people might make mistakes (even without knowing / wanting) and disturb the turtles. Luckily the night when I was there people were careful. However they found and picked up some baby turtles and brought them directly to the water. Nice intention, but these little guys need to walk at least 3 to 4 meter before they are ready to leave.

Furthermore staff is using bright white light. I was told that they should only use it in the forest to sport poachers easily - which makes sense. Unfortunately they also use it to mark the turtles (for counting purposes). Would of course be better if they used red light and a special paint instead of oil paint and a standard process of where to mark them.

So overall: of course it was an amazing moment to be surrounded by so many turtles at night and I hope many people can enjoy it to understand why it is important to protect these animals and our oceans. I only wish that the rules were stricter...
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Ross F
英國布里斯托25 則投稿
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侶
We came here hoping to see turtles nesting and were fortunate enough to see several turtles arriving, leaving, and laying. This was a few days before an arribada so not even the best time to see them. Definitely check in advance when is best to go because the rangers will know when babies are being released and when arribadas are likely to happen.
Be warned there are poachers on the beach so go with a guide, but they will not be a problem if you don't try to intefere
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1 則投稿
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侶
We went on the Turtle Tour with Irvin Chévez who has a lot of knowledge of the area and knows all about the turtles. The Tour starts in San Juan del Sur and it takes 50 min. by car to go to La Flor. We released some baby turtles and were lucky enough to see some big ones coming to lay their eggs. Irvin cares a lot about the turtles and knows when it is necessary to switch of the torches, so the turtles are not disturbed. Also the pick up was on time.

+505 8452 5141 contact him via this number
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Victor Agustín
6 則投稿
2019年8月 • 單獨旅行
Un lugar espectacular una playa preciosa, y si tienes la oportunidad de ver como llegan las tortugas a la orilla de la playa desoban y vuelven al mar, mejor todavia.
Naturaleza pura, el nuevo ciclo de la vida.
Recomendado al 100%, eso si sabiendo respetar la naturaleza y a las tortugas.
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Kathy K
加拿大Bedford158 則投稿
2019年7月 • 好友旅行
I went to La Flor with O'Shop. Once the turtles start laying eggs they let you get close so you can watch the whole process. You can tell the staff really care about the turtles. They enforce strict no flash while on the beach and they always dedicate when you can visit the turtles. They take the eggs once they're laid so poachers won't take the eggs. They relay when it's time to hatch.
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