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Clipper Magazine Stadium



  • Lancaster Station • 步行 9 分鐘

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Paul A
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2022年8月 • 單獨旅行
How fortunate we all to have someone of Tyler’s immense intellect point out to us that the stadium is “facing the wrong direction.” Why wasn’t this man consulted during the engineering phase?

Cashless? Does that mean not having to wait behind the person rummaging through their change purse to find 29 cents on the $3.29 bill?
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Washington P
新澤西州Gloucester City2 則投稿
Always a nice experience with the people that run the ballpark and good seats. No cash accepted so if you or your child doesn't have a debit or credit card you have to buy gift cards from the office in order to purchase anything.
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賓夕法尼亞州蘭卡斯特5 則投稿
Not only is the stadium facing the wrong way, they are not accepting cash which is a terrible hindrance to the people that I bring to games who have disabilities and do not have a card and therefore cannot purchase the things they want, like LUNCH!
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新澤西州Forked River1,813 則投稿
High three, low four stars. Pros: Free parking for game, allows bottled water, free carousel on Sundays, great play area, great food - usual ballpark prices, but the chicken sandwich was huge! Name (Turkey Hill) ice cream, great sightlines, great activities when we went (Princess Day included meet and greets and a scavenger hunt.)

Cons: A bit disorganized, though they came through. They no longer have the Pass-Port stamp (they're an Atlantic League team and is not supported by that program), and I had to ask Fan Services, who directed me to the box office, about a First Game Certificate, to which I got a blank look. After I explained what it was, their response was something to the effect of, "We can make one up." (I saw another person with one, so it's not like this was a foreign concept.) Really? It's not like this was the beginning of the season where no one knew where anything was. Again, they came through, but it did seem disorganized.

And the team needs some work. Pitcher gave up three runs in the first inning, including a walk with bases loaded.
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Lorraine M
Lancaster18 則投稿
The stadium is an excellent facility with a variety of food concessions -- yes ball park food can be expensive but check for weeknights that offer food specials to help with that. The fireworks used to be set off behind center field where everyone in the park had a great view but since they shoehorned an apartment building right next to the stadium the fireworks have moved and it is difficult if not impossible to see much of them from the 3rd base line seating areas. Very disappointing.
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賓夕法尼亞州蘭卡斯特550 則投稿
We decided to try the Clipper Magazine Stadium Light show this year for a $ 20 admission. It is a drive-thru experience starting from the entrance on Prince Street, through the parking lots, around the back of the stadium, around the stadium warning track, and back into the parking lots. (My husband read beforehand that it is about a mile total.) We were very happy with the layout, as the traffic moved very well and they had done a good job decorating for the amount of space they had to cover.

My favorite part was the strings of white lights strung from the bottom of the seating sections up to the club boxes. It really helped you to forget you were in a baseball stadium. The infield was not used, but the outfield and perimeter fences were used to string lights and have standing light trees and novelties. The event has its own radio station, so not only can you listen to Christmas music as you drive through, but the lights flash and change colors to the music.

If you are hungry, they had popcorn and drinks in packages for singles or families at the entrance. You could also purchase packages with Barnstormer hats.

Overall a nice experience and a great support for the local economy.
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賓夕法尼亞州蘭卡斯特90 則投稿
2019年7月 • 家庭式
Quality baseball that is a better experience than the big leagues. Less expensive and great environment. The town is lots of fun to spend time in before the game.
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新澤西州Forked River1,813 則投稿
We were here for Christmas at Clipper Magazine Stadium. What a great set up! Can walk around all of stadium (some ballparks are only three-quarters or half walkarounds), and they have a playground and carousel (IIRC, $5 wristband for unlimited use.) Team store to left of entry gate has Pass-Port Stamp, Fan Services is on right. We had a look at the suites and they were great as well. Can't wait 'til baseball season starts - we'll be back! Easy to get to, plenty of parking as well.
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紐約州長島167 則投稿
2019年8月 • 家庭式
We have been meaning to make it here for a while, and I’m glad we finally did! First off they have so many fun activities for the kiddos and a special event at almost every game! There is a playground, carousel and inflatables! There were plenty of food options and they even had a nursing mothers room. The nursing room was quiet and comfortable with rocking chairs a couch, sink, and a little table with coloring books and activities for older kids too. The stadium itself is small enough that any seat is good, but the prices are reasonable enough to splurge on the best seats. I am so happy we went and look forward to visiting it again!
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81 則投稿
I have seen a couple of the Barnstormers games here. The parking is free but you may have to park far from the stadium, they do have golf carts to transport small groups if walking is a problem. Sight lines are good everywhere. The food selection is good but we went to a late season weeknight game and not all of the vendors were open. Prices are quite reasonable (but not cheap). We enjoyed the BBQ place out past the First Base side of the stadium. They also have a great selection of draft beers out there. The seats are comfortable and the between inning entertainment is fun. They have netting now to catch most line drive foul balls all the way to the first and third bases. The atmosphere is fun and family friendly. The staff all seem eager to please. It's great and not too expensive evening of family fun. The quality of the baseball is pretty good as it is a mix of ex-MLB and high minor leaguers hoping to get another shot at the Show. If your family likes baseball you will have a good time. If you have kids who don't care there is a playground. Kids and adults will love the mascot Cylo.
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