Acrisure Stadium Tours
Acrisure Stadium Tours
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新澤西州Califon5 則投稿
2023年9月 • 家庭式
The 1-hr tour on game day (went 9/18/23) was such an expensive disappointment! For $250 each, you see a short film on the history of the Steelers, a very quickly walk through the Hall of Fame museum (which anyone can do), and then stand on the field behind a rope and do absolutely nothing. You’re not allowed to speak to anyone on the field or any of the players if they even come out to the field, nor do they come up to talk to you. You basically stand behind a roped off area on the side of the field and then you leave. You can take pics but no video allowed. I can’t believe I spent $500 for 2 of us to do that!! For that kind of money, there should’ve been MUCH more to this experience! Like maybe a behind the scenes tour aspect? Be able to say “hi” to a player or a photo op? Incredibly disappointed and would definitely not recommend it.
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Caitlyn P
1 則投稿
2023年9月 • 家庭式
This was a super cool tour, but the lady who did it was pretty rude although I don't know she meant to come across that way. The tour was very rushed and when you have a large group you don't have time to take photos
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Melanie M
1 則投稿
2023年8月 • 夫妻情侶
We were visiting the area and were excited about touring the Steelers stadium. We read about the tour on their website ahead of time and even pre-booked to ensure we were able to get in the time that worked for our schedule. We read all of the rules (I left my bag behind since they have a clear bag policy), and showed up early. The tour guide gave us our lanyards while we were waiting and then when we were ready to go in, a security guard stopped us saying my husband couldn’t bring in the camera he was carrying because the lens was too big. This was a normal DSLR camera with a standard lens. There was nothing on the website or confirmation email that mentioned this being prohibited. We were without a car, so we weren’t able to bring the camera anywhere. I asked the security guard for a solution and he shrugged and said he didn’t have one. He clearly didn’t care. The tour guide was sweet and apologetic, but didn’t seem to have any authority other than to refund our money. Terrible communication and terrible service. What a waste of time for us and super disappointed in the whole experience.
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22 則投稿
2023年8月 • 家庭式
Activité parfaite pour les amateurs des Steelers, mais aussi du football en général. On y visite les vestiaires de l'équipe de même que celui de l'équipe universitaire (fraichement rénové) et on se rend même en bordure de terrain. Toute la famille a aimé!
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Cocoa Beach5 則投稿
2023年8月 • 夫妻情侶
Our tour guide was FANTASTIC! What a GREAT experience we had! The only disappointment was that we didn’t get to go into the great hall due to a public event. Had we known beforehand we would of taken time before the game we attended on Saturday. But we figured we would be able to on our tour so we didn’t 😢
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Rick S
1 則投稿
2023年8月 • 家庭式
To whom it may concern,

I wanted to share my thoughts and concerns on what was a terrible experience at Acrisure Stadium this weekend.

My wife and I traveled from out of state with our two young children to tour our favorite team's stadium. Our whole family was so excited to see the locker room and be field level as the website states.

Our family and entire tour group (30 people) were incredibly disappointed when we were told after the tour started that we wouldn't be doing half of what was promised because Pitt was having a practice. Everyone on the tour demanded a refund and the staff was of zero help and showed no compassion whatsoever. They told us that "all areas of the tour are subject to change due to stadium policy" which I understand but they shouldn't have scheduled a tour if that was the case.

Additionally, I was told by staff via email that there would be a $10 charge for my 6 month old baby. This is pitiful and the stadium should be ashamed of themselves.

I would NEVER recommend this tour. I'll also add that the survey link they provide doesn't event work....
這則評論是 Tripadvisor 會員的主觀意見,而非 Tripadvisor LLC。 Tripadvisor 會檢查評論。
We are very sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your experience. As mentioned, all areas are subject to availability and that availability can change with little notice. I am sorry to hear that you were also unable to take advantage of the alternative times and experiences offered to you and your group.
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亞利桑那州弗拉格斯塔夫26 則投稿
2023年8月 • 家庭式
Interesting tour. This was a nice family activity for $10! You can bring in small bags such as wrist wallets.
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Joey E
賓夕法尼亞州Meyersdale21 則投稿
2023年7月 • 家庭式
Tour was good, guide was knowledgeable. $10pp was worth it; got to see the field and locker rooms. Make sure to bring a CLEAR bag! Not knowing, we showed up with our bags/purses and were told by security that we couldn't go in (even with pre-purchased tickets) because our bags weren't clear. They will not hold bags at the gate, and there is NO locker storage, etc. One security guard finally agreed to bring us clear bags for our items, but we had to stash our bags/purses in the bushes near the gate until we came out. When we went through the gate, they didn't even check inside the clear bags. One lady carried in a large non-clear bag from a purchase at the attached Steelers shop & they didn't even look inside (eye roll)! Maybe they could spend some of the $10 mil per year from Acrisure on a few lockers for their paying tour guests!
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印第安納州Crown Point154 則投稿
2023年7月 • 家庭式
We did the $10 30-minute tour, but it was actually an hour which was fine! We enjoyed our tour guide, Beverly - she was quite knowledgeable, and was great at interacting with the various families on the tour. We didn't get to walk on the field bc they were tearing down the stuff from a concert but that wasn't a big deal. We are from NW Indiana, and not Steelers fans, but was still enjoyable!
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新澤西州普林斯頓49 則投稿
2023年7月 • 家庭式
Inside an NFL stadium gives great context to watching football on TV. Our tour guide, Cheryl, was fantastic, speaking loudly enough, interspersing facts with her personal stories of players and the team owner. Infectious enthusiasm for the "Stlers" and the City of Pittsburgh. It was a delightful 45 minutes (even though the tour was supposed to be only 30 minutes). $10 price a bargain, offset, however, by exorbitant prices in the "pro shop". Seriously, $100 for a player jersey in kid size. Have to say we paid it, but so unreasonable for a glorified tshirt.
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