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Repertorio Espanol
上午9:00 - 下午7:00
上午9:00 - 下午6:00
上午9:00 - 下午7:00
上午9:00 - 下午7:00
上午9:00 - 下午7:00
上午9:00 - 下午8:30
上午11:00 - 下午8:30
上午11:00 - 下午7:30


周圍地區: Kips Bay
  • 28th St • 步行 3 分鐘
  • 23rd St • 步行 5 分鐘

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Logan Rodriguez
2 則投稿
En el tiempo de las mariposas
2019年12月 • 商務型
It was excellent my only problem was I can’t understand spanish and the subtitles were off. Overall pretty epic
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Carmen J
紐約州紐約市242 則投稿
I am Latino with Saulo Garcia
2019年3月 • 夫妻情侶
Directed by Alfonso Rey, Colombian comedian Saulo Garcia helps you understand Hispanic immigrants experiences in the United States. The production, in Spanish, is a must see.
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紐約州Centereach444 則投稿
Great Spanish Theater!
2018年9月 • 夫妻情侶
Been here several times always around my birthday, we get together with my mother and sister to see a show. This time we went to see a comedy show with Saulo Garcia called "SIN WIFI TAMBIÉN SE VIVE" meaning that we survived and lived without WiFi. It was a parody of the old days before cell phones and computers and the generational gap between those who grew up without all this current technology and the present. Show was very funny and hit the mark, very interactive, have not been disappointed yet with any of the shows in this theater, would highly recommend. Lots of restaurants in this area as well you cannot go wrong. Saulo was GREAT!
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Rosangel M
Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States76 則投稿
Teatro de calidad
2018年7月 • 夫妻情侶
Visitó el repertorio español desde hace muchos años. Es uno de los pocos teatros de la ciudad de NY donde nuestra comunidad de habla hispana puede acceder a un evento de calidad. La familia del repertorio enaltece a todos con obras iberoamericanas de gran calidad y precios adsequibles. Es súper céntrico. Puedes degustar de un vinito comprado en la recepción del teatro, ellos te sellan el ticket del estacionamiento y te descuentan algo. Excelente opción para disfrutar con la familia o con tu pareja. Chequea la página de internet y colabora con los amigos del repertorio para apoyar nuestra cultura.
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紐約州紐約市11 則投稿
El Repertorio is excellent
If you want to come out and see a spanish they also speak english play that is well performed come out and visit the Repertorio Espanol. You will not regret it and you will have a great time
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Carmen J
紐約州紐約市242 則投稿
Powerhouse Performance
2017年8月 • 夫妻情侶
Olga Pericet's powerhouse flamenco performance echoed a unique voice with grace and passion. Indeed, the Repertorio Espanol provided the ideal platform for the dancer's expression of her authentic self. The theater is small allowing an intimate performer-audience relationship. Bottom line-a must see performance.
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紐約州紐約市4 則投稿
Awesome experience!
2017年1月 • 好友旅行
Awesome experience! This is so much fun! They always have different plays and are extremely entertaining! Will recommended 100%
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Jose S
60 則投稿
Love El Repertorio Español
2016年9月 • 夫妻情侶
I go to El Repertorio Español every once in awhile. The shows here are great for both languages, english and spanish. Shows here are great. If you sign up to their emailing list, every once in awhile they send out promotions to their shows. El Repertorio Español is a great place to enjoy the spanish/hispanic culture with their shows being in spanish and if a english person would like to enjoy the show without knowing the language, for an extra small charge you can enjoy the subtitles. (Side note, please check with El Repertorio prior to buying the tickets, as some shows don't have the english subtitles). Highly recommend this place. A++++++++
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Valerie M
紐約州紐約市502 則投稿
Flamenco Show by Olga Pericet
2016年5月 • 單獨旅行
What an outstanding show by the performers. While Ms. Pericet did some amazing Flamenco dancing, the singers and guitarist were incredible as well. There was so much passion and intensity throughout the entire show. It was quite amazing. The Repertorio Espanol theater was the perfect venue for this show with its quaint theater feel, but with modern technology of lighting and sound to make it come alive. For a variety of shows and plays, check them out at 212-225-9999
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68 則投稿
Crónica de una muerte anunciada
2016年2月 • 好友旅行
I really loved the theater. It accommodated our class of 25 on a class trip to see "Crónica de una muerte anunciada." The theater seats were comfortable, and the small screens in front of the seats showed the English subtitles of the play as it went along in case there was a part we did not understand. I am not usually someone who goes to theaters and plays, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and would go back!
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