Escape the Room NYC
Escape the Room NYC
上午10:00 - 上午12:00
下午12:00 - 上午12:00
下午12:00 - 上午12:00
下午12:00 - 上午12:00
下午12:00 - 上午12:00
下午12:00 - 上午12:00
上午10:00 - 上午12:00
上午10:00 - 上午12:00
所需時間: 1-2 小時


周圍地區: 田德隆
  • 23rd St • 步行 3 分鐘
  • 23rd St • 步行 4 分鐘

5.0/5 分1,837 則評論

David B
紐約州布魯克林1,536 則投稿
5.0/5 分
2024年3月 • 家庭式
We were so close to escaping the room. We had the clock tower and it was really cool. We brought our soon to be 9 yo daughter and thought it was really fun. We did have some difficulty but almost finished but time ran out as you only have 1 hour to complete.
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芬蘭赫爾辛基1 則投稿
3.0/5 分
2024年2月 • 商務型
We did the Office room with our team from work. Like someone mentioned, the room is a bit gloomy and spare. There were a lot of combination locks, so you had to find sets of numbers. We got hints, but they were a little too detailed. The joy of figuring things was taken out. And that is the whole point! It was still enjoyable, and some of the puzzles were fun, but in all there's room for improvement.

Our game stewardess was nice, and did provide help in a time manner. Thanks!
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法國巴黎2 則投稿
5.0/5 分
2023年10月 • 好友旅行
This was… amazing. I’ve never felt so alive in my life. My entire outlook on life has changed after this experience. Just everything about it, from the puzzles, to the escape. It was, immaculate. Dylan, the greatest of all time who brought us to our room was the realest of all time. Thank you. So much. This was the best experience ever. Me and my group had the greatest time ever. This was life changing, I don’t know where I’m even going to go from here. But I will figure it out.
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dan P
1 則投稿
5.0/5 分
2023年6月 • 家庭式
The audacity of this place
Clean bathroom
Super nice staff
The game was actually challenging
We were disgusted I really wanted to write a horrible review but we actually had a great time
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Brandon P
紐約州紐約市8 則投稿
5.0/5 分
2023年5月 • 好友旅行
Amanda was the staff member who helped and she was amazing. I did "The Home" themed room and it was very fun and challenging. Definitely worth the price. Great time!
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Julie D
1 則投稿
1.0/5 分
Don’t let your kids get excited until they are physically in the escape room. When you arrive make sure your room wasn’t already booked by a private party. Our whole family bought tickets to an escape room for our last 2 hours before leaving town as none of us have ever done one before. After waiting 20 minutes longer than the appointment time for the other people who had bought tickets to show up, we were all taken to the room and given background. As we were about to enter the room we were told there had been a booking error and the room was already booked as a private party by the other group and we could no longer participate. They avoided taking responsibility blaming the error on THEIR website, but we successfully checked in when we arrived with no issues or knowledge about a “private party.” Disappointed to have wasted our time waiting, we were told they would give us a voucher to return and only when we explained we were only in town for the next 2 hours they asked if it would be okay to just give us a full refund BUT of course because “it’s the banks fault” we won’t get our money back for “one, two or maybe up to 10 days.” There was absolutely no accountability or attempt for compromise. It was a simple answer - even if we had the opportunity to reschedule the booking with a voucher at a later date WE WILL NEVER BE RETURNING.
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Anaysia G
3 則投稿
5.0/5 分
2023年3月 • 好友旅行
I went here for a mini school field trip and it was so cool, this was my first escape room and It was really fun, shout out to the workers Christian and Luke, they were so nice and very welcoming.
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Bettendorf, United States16 則投稿
5.0/5 分
2023年3月 • 家庭式
Did the South Park room with my teenage sons and they had a blast even though we weren’t able to escape. It’s apparently their most difficult room.
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紐約州Bridgehampton9 則投稿
3.0/5 分
2023年2月 • 家庭式
It was a very ok experience. We did the Outbreak room with my husband and I and 2 sons. We arrived 15 minutes early, they took everyone else back to other rooms and left us sitting there until 15 minutes after our start time. We couldn’t find anyone to ask, and when we did they said oops…
Once in the room, it was mostly entertaining, but we ended up with 2 clues left at the end. When the guy came in to tell us how to solve after the hour, it turned out that the flashlight wasn’t working properly basically making the puzzle unsolvable. His response was like oh well/ oops/ you were close. Then took a picture and said don’t forget to leave a 5 star review. I would do another escape room, but probably somewhere else.
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7 則投稿
2.0/5 分
2023年1月 • 夫妻情侶
We have done 50+ escape rooms and were underwhelmed with the Jurassic room. The puzzles were not logical and most needed some kind of prompt from the game master about which to do next. There were also several that just required brute forcing to solve which didn’t need to - for example there was one that the pieces seemed to have a pattern to combine to determine the order, but that was irrelevant and you just had to play with the pieces to see if they created a word.

The aesthetics of the room were good, and our game master Guido was lovely and did his best to guide us through the room. However I wouldn’t risk my money on any other rooms at this location.
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