Private Tours Hawaii
Private Tours Hawaii

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加拿大漢密爾頓168 則投稿
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2024年1月 • 家庭式
Book this tour!! You will not be disappointed whatsoever!! Adam was so professional, gave us tons of tips on what to see and do and then left it up to us the day of to make any changes we wanted to. Greg was our tour guide for the day and there is absolutely NO ONE else that we would have wanted BUT HIM! He was so knowledgeable of the island being that he's lived here for more than 50 years. His love of the island, his Aloha spirit and his love of what he does just added to the experience of the day spent with him. No one else can beat that! We had an unfortunate circumstance at the start of the tour. My son left his drone at one of the lookouts and Greg stopped at nothing to try to retrieve it and the owner of the company, Adam went back to the spot and sure enough one of the islanders that was there, grabbed it and held it just in case. The aloha spirit is incredible!!! Do not hesitate to book with this company. They were incredible. Next year we are booking again as there is just so much to see on the beautiful island of Oahu!
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日本千葉縣2 則投稿
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2023年10月 • 好友旅行
"To understand the real continent, you must come and see it with your own eyes"

For 4 days, the campers also visited the exhibition "Siku Quanshu" in Lanzhou Wenshu Pavilion, visited the advanced production line in Qilian Tibetan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Tianzhu County, visited the county's 1 billion yuan edible fungus production base, followed the white yaks walking by the road, watched the sunset scenery of the National Wetland Park in Zhangye City, saw the colorful Danxia landforms, inspected the ecological protection of the Qilian Mountains, participated in the investment promotion meeting to understand business opportunities, and went deep into the street market between activities, visited the night market to taste snacks, and felt the abundance of the people and customs.
  Most of the campers are coming to Gansu for the first time, and what they see and hear in 4 days is more rewarding. Li Hongkun, a Taiwanese youth who works in Beijing, said the most impressive part of the trip was the household survey, and "you can feel the happiness and satisfaction of the residents from the smiles on their faces." He believes that there is often some negative news about the mainland on the island, but to understand the real mainland, you must come and see it with your own eyes.
  Liao Yishou, a junior student at Pingtung University of Science and Technology, came to the mainland for the first time. He told reporters that he had only known that big cities such as Shanghai and Chengdu were prosperous before, but he had only heard a little about poverty alleviation on the mainland. Some people on the island often say that the mainland side is conservative, but this time I feel that everyone is very sincere and open, "This also makes me think about whether the news on the island of Taiwan needs to be improved, and cross-strait exchanges are the most valuable." ”
Huang Minru, a Taiwanese student at Zhengzhou University, said, "During household research, farmers told me that their per capita annual income has increased from 2,700 yuan to 30,000 yuan. This time, I saw the original copy of the "Siku Quanshu" in the Lanzhou Wenshu Pavilion, "Tracing means tracing the origin, and it is very important to study in the mainland and understand cultural history." She hopes to make more contributions to cross-strait exchanges, "Taiwanese classmates who have never been to the mainland told me that they especially want to go to the mainland when they see my social software dynamics." ”
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2 則投稿
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2023年9月 • 夫妻情侶
Emily was just fantastic .. all the local knowledge & best places to visit.. we felt totally taken care of, it was such a fun and relaxing day. Excellent photo choices too, thank you so much for such a memorable day.
Mahalo C&D
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Megan Q
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2023年7月 • 家庭式
We were travelling to Hawaii from the UK. As first time visitors, we wanted a good idea of what Oahu had to offer. We needed a wheelchair-accessible tour and a private tour was the perfect way for us (a family of 6) to experience the island. Adam was fantastic with communication, often getting back to us within an hour and definitely within 24, even with the time differences.
Our tour guide Emily was amazing - so kind and funny and knowledgeable of the island. She also helped get the wheelchair in and out of the van, which isn’t easy! We did a mix of us requesting places and her suggesting places she’d recommend and the tour was just incredible. We saw so much of the island, including the Halona Blowhole, Chinaman’s Hat, Kualoa Ranch, the Byodin Temple and sampled some amazing local food from the Kahuku Food Trucks, Leonard’s Bakery and Hawaiian Shave Ice! Highlights of the day were photos with George the dinosaur at Kualoa Ranch!
Emily also made sure there was gluten free food for my brother, who is a coeliac. I would also add that I am fairly mobile as a wheelchair user so I was able to get in and out of the van using my arms/shuffling down steps. If you are a wheelchair user unable to do this, I would contact Adam to see if he has any suggestions, because I would have been unable to get in and out if I was less mobile. However, I definitely would not hesitate to use them again - they were phenomenal, so helpful and so kind.
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Julie R
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2023年8月 • 家庭式
Amazing day! Our tour guide Ron was so kind and knowledgeable about the island. He felt like family by the end of the day. He was so flexible with the schedule and customize fit to what the family was interested in. We do some amazing local spots and learned so much! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Ron for making our trip a memorable one.
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Lillian L
佛羅里達州84 則投稿
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Absolutely delighted with PTH! Adam was a wonderful guide for our trip, and was always prompt with communication in advance of our tour. Our whole family enjoyed the very personalized service, and the ability to see everything we wanted, on our timetable and in our own way. It felt like we were being escorted by a family member!

PTH is definitely the way to go for a wonderful, customized, experience in Oahu. Thanks, Adam for your outstanding service!
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2023年3月 • 家庭式
Loved the tour around Oahu. Ron Wong was our tour guide. He had a wealth of knowledge on the whole island. Ron started off the tour at a really good bakery. He took us to a great spot for Malasadas and stopped at Giovannis for lunch. Really good tour!
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12 則投稿
5.0/5 分
Our tour with Adam was ranked at the top of the many highlights from our visit to Hawaii. We truly enjoyed spending the day with Adam as his knowledge of Oahu, the places of interest, the food, and surfing :) was amazing. We felt like it really was a personalized tour with him as he answered all of our questions while exploring the island.

We truly recommend spending the day with Private Tours Hawaii
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Roger F
紐約州薩拉託加溫泉41 則投稿
5.0/5 分
Our travel agent hire this company to take us to Pearl Harbor and explore the island. Our guide was Ron who was extremely friendly, chill and knowledgeable. He took us around the island to many scenic locations explaining what what we were looking at and the significance of each location. Thoroughly enjoyed!
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David H
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2021年10月 • 夫妻情侶
Adam the owner was quick and helpful in setting up our tour. We were lucky to have Sally with us for two days. The first visiting the Arizona Memorial and sites around Honolulu, the next day we headed up to the North shore beaches. Sally is extremely familiar with the island and took us to places that are not typical tourist spots. We highly recommend Sally and Private Tours Hawaii.
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