In Between Waikiki
In Between Waikiki
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周圍地區: Waikiki

4.0/5 分15 則評論

4 則投稿
5.0/5 分
2023年6月 • 好友旅行
We loved this place! In Between was so welcoming, and even though we were only on Oahu 6 days, we visited twice! Great songs, great bartenders, just fun. One of the highlights of our evenings!
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維珍尼亞弗吉尼亞海灘113 則投稿
5.0/5 分
2022年11月 • 好友旅行
Super fun karaoke and drinks! This is an intimate bar that feels like home after a few minutes. Guests and staff are friendly - inviting visitors to sing and chat. The space is small and the microphones are passed from singer to singer. The entrance is in between two buildings - right off the main strip. Our visit was the highlight of our Waikiki nightlife experience!
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亞利桑那州圖森175 則投稿
4.0/5 分
As a self acclaimed aficionado of Dive Bar, I sought out this literal hole in the wall bar down a narrow alley off Kalakua Ave. While have some essential elements of a Dive Bar (down a narrow alley, small, and the pièce de résistance – having the seedy Velvet Video porn shop upstairs). The inside does not really qualify as a dive bar as the owner poured a lot of money during covid to make the inside have a nice retro vibe. The friendly bar tender that poured me a pint gave me the low down on how the place used to be known as a gay bar butt now is frequented by a more diverse crowd. Definitely recommend stopping by.
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robin s
內華達州拉斯維加斯134 則投稿
1.0/5 分
We have been coming to In-Between Waikiki for years. We ALWAYS have a great time and they have fantastic bartenders, patrons, and atmosphere. We ALWAYS refer our friends and family here when they come to Oahu. It's the best kept secret!

We came here earlier in the week when Bill was working and Jon the owner even stopped by. Bill was surprised by my $25 tip because it was very generous and he was grateful. Tonight was my husband's birthday so we went to Ruth's Chris for dinner then spent a couple of hours sitting at the bar with Sabrina, boy can she sing?

Sabrina was ending her shift at 8:00 pm so we closed out our bill with her to ensure that she got our tip. Derrick replaced Sabrina and I tried to make contact with him but he wasn't interested, perhaps we were too old.

We were finishing our drinks and waiting for our song to come up when my husband sneezed twice without covering his mouth, he sneezed into his shirt and didn't cover his mounth properly which was absolutely the wrong thing to do. He should have covered his mouth completely.

Derrick the bartender came unglued and embarrassed us in front of the entire bar. He said loudly "we are in a pandemic and you need to cover your mouth and should know better" my husband apologized twice to Derrick but he wasn't accepting his apology. There is nothing we could do to make things right with Derrick, absolutely nothing!

Derrick took our drinks from us and asked us to leave. We spent two + hours singing and hanging out with Skye and other great locals and Derrick shows up and kicked us out for sneezing. Again, my husband should have covered his mouth more appropreately but to kick us out??? My gut feeling is because we had already closed out our tab with Sabrina and he wasnt getting a tip from us so he wanted us to be removed from the bar.

We are 65 years old, we just spent two hours spending money on drinks and karaoke and meeting new friends and you are going to kick us out and embarrass us in front of everyone? Really?

Ask Tim and Sabrina, we were respectful good paying/tipping clients and you choose to be a tough guy in front of everyone.

We will be back In-Between but not when Tim is the bartender there! Don't let this one bartender prefent you from experiencing the best bar on Waikiki.

Five Stars for every other bartender and for the culture that the owner brings to the community.

The owner should really look into our situation because it was over the top unnecessary and avoidable. Derrick, we forgive you and you are in our prayers.
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Camilo M
5 則投稿
5.0/5 分
2022年4月 • 好友旅行
The staff, drinks, setting, and song list are the best in Oahu. It is a great place to mingle and meet new friends. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Thomas T
丹麥哥本哈根86 則投稿
5.0/5 分
2022年4月 • 單獨旅行
A fun night with great people!
This is a must visit for any LGBT traveller, staff is friendly, and the patrons whom were mostly locals was super welcoming and nice. My new waterhole in HNL
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13 則投稿
5.0/5 分
2019年9月 • 好友旅行
I’ve been going to in between for many years, awesome karaoke!! All the bartenders are super cool, Jacob is my favorite! If you’re lucky, you’ll visit on a local kine night. Great friends, great karaoke, great times!
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夏威夷檀香山93 則投稿
5.0/5 分
2019年5月 • 單獨旅行
Karaoke, Daily specials and staff as Talented at Pouring as they are Singing along when time and crowds permit. Jacob, Sabrina, Tim, Bryant, and Derrick all await your company with the hottest list of Songs available this side of Waikiki .

Located with a Unique alley entry way dont miss your turn off Kalakaua
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Holly H
佛羅里達州費爾南迪納島59 則投稿
5.0/5 分
2018年12月 • 夫妻情侶
Karaoke and great drinks in a hidden jewel! The most amazing bartenders and locals. This place has it all!
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加利福尼亞聖地牙哥217 則投稿
3.0/5 分
If you walk in the alley next to Prada on the Waikiki strip, you might find this place. I believe this is normally an LGBT bar, but when I went it packed with people that wanted to sing karaoke. The songs cost you a dollar to sing.
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