Four Mile Trail

Four Mile Trail (優勝美地國家公園)

Four Mile Trail

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康涅狄格米爾福德357 則投稿
2021年6月 • 家庭式
This is a steep trail that is narrow in some spots. Views were amazing. Not overly crowded when we did it. Take you r time and enjoy the views.
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加利福尼亞比華利山32 則投稿
2021年7月 • 家庭式
This was a strenuous and rewarding hike! This was my first hike while visiting Yosemite for the first time!! I love morning hikes as there is less traffic and you really get to enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature. I arrived at 8am on Saturday morning and found plenty of parking along the road. You will see the sign ‘four miles trail’ from the road. Started the hike at 8:10am. This is a steep steady incline of a hike with constant switchbacks all the way up. This is also more closer to a 5 mile hike and that’s one way all the way up so coming down you would be doing close to 10 miles in total. Halfway up I got a bit freaked out doing a solo hike as i thought I would see more hikers than I actually did. I only saw 4 people while I was going up. I also am afraid of heights with certain things so there were definitely some points where I was as close to the rocks as I could be. When I thought about going back, my body just turned around with determination and continued onward, so glad I did!! It was very rewarding when I reached the top. The views are magnificent and you get a great view of half dome. Be prepared to see quite a few people at the top as there are tour buses that drive people to the top of glacier point. I stayed up here to have snacks and enjoy the views. They have a filling station for water that was working thankfully.
Made it up in 2hrs 35 minutes, very happy with my time! I’m 44 and I work out 5-6 days a week, mainly strength training. The way up is definitely all glutes, hamstrings and calves. The way down, you would think would be a lot quicker but I took my time as it’s very steep and there’s loose gravel and you can definitely slip. The way down is all quads. Got back to my car at 2:20pm. I saw some people struggling half mile into the hike when I was coming down. I definitely told them to go another day when it’s early morning as it was all sun when they were starting and hot! When I started it was 68-70 degrees, when I finished it was 95 degrees. It was also all shade on the way up and all sun on the way down. Didn’t get to see Yosemite falls as there were none but you do get amazing views. My body wasn’t sore the next day but 2 days later…ouch… after ending up also doing 2 hikes the next day after this one.

What I brought…drank about 2.5 liters of water, I add lemon slices to my water for vitamins, BCAA’s. Apple, clementines, a meal bar, gum, sunscreen, lip moisturizer (helps when you’re thirsty), money as the have a shop you can buy snacks at the top but I was good with what I brought, a hand towel- I put this on my shoulders and held it with my backpack draped on my shoulders, helped out sooo much since it was all sun on the way down.

Happy to say I conquered this one! Would I do it again? Probably not as there are many other hikes I would like to try when I come back to Yosemite. But this was definitely a great way to start my visit and being my first hike I’ve done in Yosemite! It was a beast!
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Francesca T
紐約州紐約市50 則投稿
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侶
Avevamo un solo giorno dedicato a Yosemite in viaggio di nozze e non avremmo potuto spenderlo meglio. Il trail permette di godere di bellissime vedute su El Capitan, Yosemite Falls e, all’arrivo, da Glacier Point di tutta la valle e Half Dome in tutto il suo splendore.

Sono 1000 metri di dislivello, fattibile per chi abituato a camminare in circa 5 ore andata e ritorno. Il sentiero è a tratti anche asfaltato, ben percorribile. Non ci sono punti di sosta fino a Glacier Point.

Lo straconsigliamo!
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伊利諾州芝加哥140 則投稿
Having done this twice during a very wet year (2017) and a very dry year (2020), I can say that it is a two at times and a five at others. From a pure climbing perspective, it is awful - truly, unadulteratedly awful. The climb up is brutal and the climb down is painful. One does this hike ONLY for the views, principally of Yosemite Falls.

And therein lies the difference in the ratings. When Yosemite Falls is alive, as it was during our 2017 climb, this perspective provides some of the most spectacular views of the falls (see also Sentinel Dome) and one gets different looks at the falls from many levels and angles. Doing this hike upwards and then again downwards in 2017 in 95 degree heat was worth the suffering.

On the other hand, the falls were no more than spittle by late July 2020 and thus provided no solace to the effort of the downward climb this year - basically just a series of never-ending, slightly too-steep switchbacks for two hours (can be done downwards in 1.5 hours or less if you are not held back by a slower or more cautious group member). There is ZERO reason to do this hike in either direction if Yosemite Falls is not in full flow.
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D. Michael W
加利福尼亞聖拉蒙304 則投稿
2019年11月 • 家庭式
My ten year old son and I went for a long day-hike on a short day. The forecast calls for snow in both the high country and the valley tomorrow so we wanted to squeeze in one last epic hike this season. We got on the trail about 8, made it to the top around 11. It was cold and our layers kept needing to be switched up with the changes in our pace and the weather. I’m glad we hiked on a cold fall day, I can imagine how much tougher the hike would be on a hot summer day. Don’t rush. Enjoy the views. The hike is amazing and was a great start to a much longer trip (we took the Panorama Trail to the JMT to get back to the valley). The trail was not crowded until you reached Glacier Point, which was worth the trip up (at least drive there if hiking isn’t your thing)!
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Aaron D
伊利諾州Mount Vernon60 則投稿
2019年11月 • 夫妻情侶
Beautiful hike. Very strenuous and lengthy. We left the car around 0900 and didn’t get back until 530pm. Having to stop multiple times. All uphill one way and all down hill the other. Downhill seemed to be just as difficult due to the loose gravel and steep drop offs. We were definitely some of the slower hikers on the trail, but felt as if we kept a steady pace.
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英國泰晤士河畔金斯敦31 則投稿
Yup you gotta climb. You don't have to rush . Its amazing. I am afraid of heights but this is just something else and you never feel on the edge of a precipice as the trail is totally safe. Go for it.
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Pat G
英國溫莎-梅登黑德170 則投稿
2019年8月 • 家庭式
We decided on a long walk and wanted to get away from the crowds and see some other views than those of the picture postcards

Family of 5 with kids 13, 11 and 8. Used to walks of 1 to 2 hours, all reasonably fit but nothing of this scale

Having tried to find out about the route and suitability for families thought I would put a few details that may help others

In summary - an astonishing walk with incredible scenery and a perfect family experience. We were all a little tired and sore in evening but all look back as a highlight of the holiday

We set off 9.15am at the foot of four mile trail and took 2hr 45 Mins to glacier point. Stopping a few times for photos and water and a snack
Took an hour and a bit for a picnic at glacier point
The panorama trail took about 4 hours 20 mins down to the bus stop including a lot of water stops and some time at the falls.
We walked steadily but not over fast

Conditions and Paths
Conditions were good. 28 Celsius and hadn’t rained for days
The glacier point path is pretty easy on way up. Wide well maintained and easy walking.
The panorama trail is a little less wide and maintained but still ok. It’s mainly sandy
The trail down from Nevada Falls is less well maintained. Often some rocks in the path to be avoided. With sore feet was quite a chore. It gets very well maintained further down at the bottom

Our preparation
We had deliberately chosen not to bring serious hiking gear as we coming from UK and next stop was Hawaii
So we walked in gym gear and gym trainers
Took large day ruck sac with provision.
Take a lot of water. We had 1 per person litres all drank by top of glacier point.good news is can refill there. I would advise at least 2 litres per person for panorama. It is exposed to the sun
Take hats and sun cream
If you want, take a picnic. But food available at glacier point

Just incredible.
El Capitan on way up first part, then yosemite falls, then half dome close up
The view at glacier point is a highlight but jam
Packed with tourists so we took our picnic off to some rocks with a view and ate there
Panorama trail starts with constant and ever evolving view of half dome.
Down to a river where we paddled and rested for a while
Nevada falls is spectacular and if you are brave paddle upstream. Lovely site to rest
Last part of the trail in the woods doesn’t have much view and when tired is a bit of a slog.

The end
We got to the bus stop which had a huge queue.
My daughter and I chose to walk back to hotel (majestic) but rest of family took them 2 buses to get a space. So factor into your planning

I hope this helps any of you who read it.


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密蘇里州堪薩斯市129 則投稿
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侶
We took the glacier point bus up to glacier point then hiked down this trail. It was an awesome experience. The views were fabulous. It was a good strenuous downhill 4.7 mile hike. If you to hike up from Yosemite valley it is a difficult uphill hike. We will definitely do that next time!
Highly recommend!!!
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Melissa S
加利福尼亞利弗莫爾39 則投稿
This is a tough trail -- but beautiful. If you are up for a challenge -- this trail is for you. Take PLENTY of water and snacks and I would highly recommend hiking boots over sneakers. The trail is in good shape (lots of folks have commented that it is a mess -- that was not our experience). We considered hiking poles -- but in the end did not take them. We didn't end up needing them but may have been more useful on the downhill.
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