Penguin Post Office

Penguin Post Office (Port Lockroy)

Penguin Post Office
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維珍尼亞Woodford359 則投稿
Wonderful helpful staff. Nice gift shop , place to mail post cards and the station is a wonderful place to look around.
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荷蘭福爾堡396 則投稿
How British is it to have the Royal Mail on the Antartic peninsula. Probably the ‘next day delivery’ promise will not always be kept :)
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英國Whaley Bridge999 則投稿
We moored near the furthest south post office in the world.

Only the Brits could come up with this.

Run by volunteers - incredible.

Posted cards for friends not sure when they will arrive.
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David L.
70 則投稿
Wir hatten unsere Anlandung (Fahrt mit der MS Roald Amundsen) nicht direkt bei Port Lockroy sondern dem nahen Damoy Points. Im Rahmen einer Schneeschuhwanderung sind wir dann aber so gelaufen, dass wir einen guten Blick auf die Station hatten sowie eine argentinische und englische Hütte.
Am Anlandungspunkt bei Damoy Point selber konnten wir eine Kolonie von Gentoo (Esels-) Pinguinen sehen sowie verschiedene Vögel. Das Postofffice kam dann auf das Schiff und öffnete dort zeitweilig, so dass wir unsere Post aufgeben und verschiedene Mitbringsel erworben werden konnten. Dabei wurden neben Pfund auch Dollar und Euro genommen.
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werner g
德國漢堡3,717 則投稿
Schön das der Platz / Haus erhalten bleibt
Mehr als 1000 Bewerber für die 5 bis 6 Stellen während der Saison
Aber wenn zig Menschen das Island bevölkern bekommt man ein schreck
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德國陶努斯山麓巴特索登206 則投稿
Auf unserere Fahrt in die Antarktis wollten wir auch hier anlanden, ging aber nicht da zu viele andere Schiffe da. Die Station entsand dann eine Delegation so dass wir auf dem Schiff Poststempel und Karten sowie andere Souveniers bekamen. Leicht überteuert.
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Sarah Ormeo
40 則投稿
This is a fantastic place, if you boat stops here, to mail post cards! Don't be duped and buy stamps in Argentina, you will need new stamps. The post office card for the cards so well and everyone who got a postcard (4 months after I was back) loved it! Don't forget to mail yourself a post card. Definitely bring your own post cards and write on them before you arrive to save time!
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加拿大多倫多8 則投稿
This was part of my January 2019 Antarctica trip. The post office is a very small British postal outlet in a small gift shop in one half of an original research station that was renovated. The other half of the station is a museum of actual living quarters and research equipment when it was operational. All purchases aid the research work being conducted in the area. It is worth the visit to the research station and also get see all the penguins busying about up close that live around it.
Suggestion - if you are part of a Antarctica tour group and lucky enough to receive postcards from your tour director(s) and want them posted, drop the postcards off at the ship reception as they will drop them off at this postal outlet so you don't wait in line for postage, thus giving you time to enjoy your shore visit. i did that and received them within 3 months. Our tour group was fortunate to receive two postcards each as small inclusive gifts from our tour directors for posting if desired.
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荷蘭鹿特丹456 則投稿
Als je de mogelijkheid hebt om dit station te bezoeken is het de moeite waard. men heeft een leuke en informatieve shop waarbij allerlei leuke boekjes , kaarten en souvenirs te verkrijgen zijn. Tevens kan je hier kaarten en brieven op de post doen. Onze post kwam na 5 weken al aan. Buien is er veel uitleg gegeven over de historie van dit unieke basiskamp.
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Upstate New York USA30 則投稿
As part of our Antarctica trip we visited Port Lockroy Base which houses the Penguin Post Office and a penguin rookery. There is also a museum and gift shop (all proceeds go to the rookery). The museum gives an excellent idea of what life was like way back when and well worth taking the time to visit for more than a cursory viewing. At the penguin rookery you can watch as they walk their “penguin highways” going back and forth from the sea to the nesting area. Most penguins were sitting on eggs and many had hatched. It was neat to watch how the penguins continue to build their nests out of pebbles and take turns, male and female, sitting on the eggs or on top of the chicks to keep them warm. If you are "in the neighborhood" the Penguin Post Office is a must see. Don't forget to buy your post card and mail it to family and friends
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